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    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    For everyone who bought games for Stadia, will they get that money back? Or game keys redeemable on another platform? Doubt it but it'd be the right thing to do.
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    There’s a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons item duping glitch

    Haha I'd say so too. I never did get into this game. Some people devote their lives to it though and I can't understand why. I guess it's just not for me
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    How can you still use your old 128 and 256 GB SSD drives?

    Yeah, I think it's a good deal personally. They have a 30-day trial too. If you're on the fence about using that program then maybe give it a free test run. Some people use drivepool with SnapRAID for even better data security. Personally I just use drivepool alone with duplication, cloud backup...
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    How can you still use your old 128 and 256 GB SSD drives?

    If one drive fails then you will lose the data on that drive. However, drivepool supports duplication. You can set it to duplicate all the files in the pooled drives or duplicate individual folders... You can set it to duplicate 2,3,4, ect times. If you do that then the files will be placed on...
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    How can you still use your old 128 and 256 GB SSD drives?

    +1 for drive pool! I use it to combine 18 disks into one roughly 85TB drive after formatting. A couple nice things about drive pool is that the drives can all be different sizes if you wish. Another good thing is it stores the files normally. So if program fails or a disk dies or whatever then...
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    Help! Changed hardware and storage spaces pools missing!

    Yes I did.. Put the previous computer back together exactly the same way it was. It didn't fix anything. Drives still show up exactly the same way. Thanks for that though.
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    Help! Changed hardware and storage spaces pools missing!

    I have an update.. Today I've begun trying to use a program called testdisk. It claims to be able to restore partitions. I tried it on one of the smaller disks (1TB) to minimize data loss should something go wrong. The program seems to have done what it claimed to do. It can take a very long...
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    Help! Changed hardware and storage spaces pools missing!

    Hello, I hope y'all are having a great day. Today was the day I upgraded my storage server. The system stores our data in a disk shelf over a sas connection. It also records video feed from poe cameras. Everything was working fine until I messed something up. This is what happened. I cloned...
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    Recommend a 750w PSU

    I agree that the 750w supernova is a great power supply. I have had a couple different capacity supernovas and they're all still going strong. If keep on running it. You said you were getting one from a store on Wednesday though. What did you get?
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    SD cannot open file system: "volume not accessible parameter is incorrect"

    Don't do anything else yet! The first thing you should do (if you have important data on the drive) is scan it with a utility that will find and recover files. If you do this now then you won't risk losing any more data than may already be lost. Easeus has a program to do this but there are many...
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    Backup Solution and File Server

    This would work great. It's a Synology 4 bay NAS. Just add whatever capacity drives you need. Edit: The drives you get depends on how much storage you need. I always prefer to use Western Digital drives. The Western Digital reds are made for a NAS but any SATA drive will work. The NAS ones may...
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    HDD Power on time 3068 days...

    I see no reason to be worried. Those old Hitachi drives are known to be some of the best. I have a 24bay SAS disk shelf connected to my server that had a bunch of those drives in it. I've slowly been swapping them out for larger drives but all of them still run perfectly. Most of mine have...
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    (RARE VINTAGE ES CPU) Intel Pentium MMX 233 MHz Q140 - Socket 7

    That's pretty cool but seems a bit pricey. Am I wrong?
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    where to buy and what time for 6800xt (?)

    I got fucked too.. had a 6800 in cart and clicked continue on the paypal payment button but it crashed... figures
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    Vaping game consoles

    Ugh... People are stupid