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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    That's extremely generous of you ChoGGi! Thanks for sharing with the community :) Either Spelunky or Knights of Pen and Paper 2 would scratch my roguelite itch if you still have them. Edit: Thanks a ton ChoGGi!
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Yeah, I'm surprised more aren't participating. Still some good games left.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Very generous both of you! Jelly, I would be interested in Into the Breach if no one has already claimed it via PM. Thank you very much either way!
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    Dark Souls 3 (PC) + Ashes of Ariandel DLC for $12

    Just a reminder, the $10.80 price is only if you have never ordered a Humble Monthly before -AND- you have a coupon in your account for 10% off your first Humble Monthly order. Otherwise it is $12 (still a great price for Dark Souls 3 + DLC alone and you still get other games). If you don't have...
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    M- Audio AV-40 for 119.99

    I saw a pair of these at a local Best Buy (Cleveland, Ohio) for $70 and did a double-take. If I didn't already own a pair, I would have picked them up. I went back a few days later (both times I was with someone else who needed to stop in), and they were $100.
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    r9 290 for $399

    Seriously. I loved my Sapphire 7950, particularly for $169 with a AMD Gold Reward Coupon to use/sell. But I couldn't justify holding onto it when it'd bring in over $400 on eBay. I can run on-chip graphics for a few months while I wait for pricing to work itself out.
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    Skyrim LE: $20.40, Skyrim Base: $7.50 on UPlay

    I disliked Oblivion but have enjoyed Skyrim so far (though admittedly I suffer from 100% completion syndrome and have trouble advancing through the main campaign with so much else to do).
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    Skyrim LE: $20.40, Skyrim Base: $7.50 on UPlay

    Skyrim Legendary Edition is available at the UPlay Store for $20.40 Skyrim (Base Game) is available at the UPlay Store for $7.50 This is the cheapest price I have seen on either.
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    7990 $499.99 @ Egg

    $20 a pop for those games? Bioshock Infinite is currently on sale for $10 on Amazon, and Deus Ex has been available for under $5. I don't really follow the other games enough to know their pricing history, but I don't imagine many, if any, of those games can easily be sold for $20. The games...
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    HOT!!! Acer 15.6 Laptop 8 GIG RAM 750 gig HD $199 I-5 processor

    The Sunnyvale one is not actually available. More of Fry's incorrect stock tracking on the website.
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    Smoking: i5-2400 BOX $75 @ Frys, YMMV

    I have been out of spec-ing CPU's for some time. I have an i5-2400 available nearby. How good of a deal is it? I don't need a new CPU, but my Q6700 is getting a bit long in the tooth.
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    *Starts 08/29* Amazon PC Digital Download Labor Day Mega Sale

    There is a mod that makes keyboard and mouse far more usable. I completed about 40% of the game so far, and I don't think they keyboard and mouse has been a major impediment. It can be a bit inconvenient at times (and in a game this punishing, that can be frustrating), but I would still...
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    Amazon: Civ 5 Gods & Kings - $7.49 !!! (Mac version, will work for PC version too)

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of jumping on this deal, but I have no idea what the "Editor's Choice" promotion is from amazon. I couldn't find other information online. Does anyone know how it works/how I find out what games are editor's choice/what games have been in past...
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    M-Audio AV40 $99 Refurb

    I have these speakers as well. I really like them, but I have the exact same issue.
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    Dell 2007fp refurbished 113.35 shipped AC @ DFS

    For anyone interested in the quality of these, I thought I'd update this with what I received. Well it appears I lost the panel lottery and got a PVA. There was a small black mark on the stand. I did not actually open the panel itself because I was primarily interested in an IPS and will likely...