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    240GB Crucial M500 $89.99 @ zon

    I'd be surprised if we don't see some good BF deals on SSDs, but historically those are usually limited to the 120/256GB flavors. This year may be different, of course.
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    An unbelievable plexi glass custom case

    I generally don't like plexi cases like this, but holy freaking crap is it beautiful!
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    Recover Data after multi-pass wipe/zeros?

    You could request a copy of your data from the NSA's servers. Otherwise, it's gone.
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    Dell 5324 Fan noise

    Thought this thread looked familiar... I have a 2748, which is probably just as loud. I swapped them out for these. Still louder than I'd like, but tolerable.
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    The "Cloud"

    The Cloud is a method by which management can abdicate responsibility for complex IT funding decisions and avoid those pesky IT folks wanting to spend money on things they don't understand. Or, a way of shifting from significant CapEx to primarily OpEx.
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    remote desktop for playing games over network?

    Since you're already using Steam, sign up for the beta for in-home streaming and wait for an invite. No VNC/remote desktop solution you try is going to come close:
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    mdadm RAID5 ate my drives!

    If you mix drive sizes like that, you're only going to be using the capacity of the smallest drive for each drive. In this case, you're only getting about 1TB per drive, minus a drive for parity (hence the 7TB array size). Even the 2TB drives were being under-utilized prior to adding the 3TB ones.
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    Where have I seen per-thread image galleries?

    AVS Forum has it:
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    Contemplating using ReFS + Storage Spaces ( 24 x 4TB Drives )

    Stay away from storage spaces. It's a nice idea, but it's way too easy to lose your data with it. There really is not enough fine-grained control available, and it just isn't widely enough documented/supported compared with existing solutions. Maybe things are better on R2, but then you're...
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    SSD or HDD as my new primary system drive?

    Completely false? Going to back that up with something? There is no statistically relevent difference in reliability between SSDs and HDDs, and unless you are privy to some magical study that says otherwise, my statement is true.
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    Anything worth upgrading to from a 840 Pro?

    SATA 3 is the bottleneck in terms of bandwidth. Most drives are within a few % of the maximum theoretical speeds (550-600MB/s) at this point. Unless you're going to buy a quality controller (LSI, Adaptec, etc), a cheap generic PCIe x4 card isn't going to beat integrated Intel/AMD controllers...
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    SSD or HDD as my new primary system drive?

    There are no reliability issues with SSDs compared to HDDs, and haven't been for a very long time. As always, if you're worried about your data, you should be making backups regardless of whether you're storing it on spinning platters or solid state flash. Use an SSD. Between moving to that...
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    Any new/bigger non SSDs to beat 1TB V-Raptor?

    Demand for 15K mechanical drives is pretty low. The Velociraptor drives were really only made possible because of Enterprise SAS drives. Now that high speed storage has moved to flash, the biggest demand from mechanical storage is capacity. You say you want bigger, faster, and mechanical...
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    What the Hell Is Wrong With Nintendo?

    Developing for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC is extremely similar, as the basic hardware is largely the same. You can target similar performance envelopes between them, and port your code over with minimal effort. Wii U? Totally different hardware and development environment. Combine that with...
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    Desktop Wireless Capability

    The chassis on a laptop is typically plastic or magnesium, so it has minimal interference with the WiFi signal. A desktop chassis is usually metal, so an internal antenna is going to have a very tough time getting a good connection.