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  • Hey Matt, you mentioned that DA BOX 100 should be in stock this week in a post you made last week. Any news on that? Thanks!
    Hi Fengi,
    I'm going to post in the thread so that everybody can read and see what's happening.
    The difference for the HDD that we slided the 3.5" HDD holes 1/16" back to make sure all HDD will fit correctly and not be blocked by the tab.
    When do you think the new front bezel will ship? I wont hold you to a date, and I wont tell it to anyone else, but I am trying to get an idea when I will be able to get my case powder coated. I understand if you are planning to spend the extra time to make sure everything is 100% perfect this time around. I really like the design of this case, and I plan on writing up a positive review on a few websites once I get my computer finished.

    Hi FengPangzi,

    Thank you very much for your support.
    The HDD cage had the little tab moved so that the HDD fits correctly.
    The front bezel will be manufactured free of defects.
    The power plug needs to be replaced because we had too many DOA.

    That pretty much summarizes all my headaches! But with works and motivation, it can all be taken care off.

    Have a nice week,

    Write me if you have any questions.

    Thanks again,

    Hey Matt-
    I know that you mentioned a new HD cage, and I might've missed what the difference is somewhere in the thread, but I was trying to figure out what the difference is. Also, when do you think the new faceplate will be shipping? I am really looking forward to dropping the case off at the powder coater :). Also, my dad was really impressed with the case when I was assembling and he is considering getting one too. When will the cases with the fixes (psu cable, hd cage, faceplate) be available for shipping?

    -Drew Farrar
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