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    Experts Weigh In On Having Sex With Robots

    I knew I should have shown him "Electro-Gonorrhea, the Noisy Killer"
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    Valve Offering Earth:Year 2066 Refunds

    Why the hell didn't they do this shit for X Stillbirth? 6 months out and its still broken as hell. give me my refund for that POS!
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    Games that left an impact

    Chrono trigger. On its surface its just a fun JRPG from the SNES era. underneath its a very well thought out storyline regarding causality, fate and string theory. As a teenager this game really got me thinking about temporal dynamics more than it really should have :p
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    We Are All Going To DIE!!!!

    stupid no edit button... its a Bootstrap Paradox for anyone looking in to that sort of thing :p
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    We Are All Going To DIE!!!!

    I sure hope Miles Dyson gets a little more for Skynet than $2mil. seriously, Govt: you are buying a working paradox. do you know the street value of that in the theoretical physics community?
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    Watch Dogs - The most insane system reqs ever ?

    bout time a game was designed for 64bit memory management
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    Decrypt Laptop Or Go Directly to Jail

    Contempt of court. you can be held as long as the judge considers you in contempt. see also this
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    any one else excited for Aliens:colonial marines?

    I am, Aliens is my favorite movie, and AVP99 was an awesome game. I hope gearbox does the Colonial Marines Justice
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    People Ditch Slow-Loading Videos After 2 Seconds

    unless its a video i'm watching again and already like it if i see an ad, its a skipped video.
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    Do you have types of games that you've sworn off?

    Facebook games indeed and Chest high wall shooters
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    Why do people buy bad games if it's cheap?

    as my economics professor would say: "Supply and demand", the game doesn't rate very high on your demand curve, so you will not buy it until it hits a lower price point. but of course value is subjective :p
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    Online Retailer Charges A 6.8% Internet Explorer 7 Tax

    I have to clarify my wife tells me all IE past 7 jacks with CSS and what not (dont ask me I dont do any web coding, atleast not in a couple years.) ... stupid no Edit button
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    Online Retailer Charges A 6.8% Internet Explorer 7 Tax

    My Point is its better to have a Slightly flawed defense then to have no defense (you have multiple layers of defenses and the browser is just the beginning, and you should lead by putting the best foot forward). and its not just the security vulnerabilities, it is supposedly Much harder to...
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    Online Retailer Charges A 6.8% Internet Explorer 7 Tax

    I'm fine with it. i consider it an idiot tax. if you are still running IE at all (although some people have no choice see also: businesses that rely on old tech) you are a drain on resources, and are vulnerable to attack. there are reasons newer browsers are up to v 15 (in 5 years)
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    Star Wars 1313

    yea that was a huge cop-out.. they could have done something different with that story arc. instead they turned him in to a Sith George Bush Jr. (along with killing off Mara Jade and Him In the process.. they could have made him a uniter of the different religions (jedi /sith) but no...