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    need advice to build a good motherboard for Core 2 Duo

    I am planning to build core 2 duo, but I dont know which one it is the best perform for gaming thank you.
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    Planning 8800GT->4890...should I wait?

    I also think you should get another 8800 gt. Also, I want to let you know that the 4890 is alittle bit to noise and it may can bother u when you use your computer
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    Asus P6T Deluxe i7 920 Overclocking Help

    thank for your info i was going to ask it and now i dont need it
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    4890 or 275? Can't decide.

    but i heard that the 4890 is alittle bit more noise than 275.
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    What card to go with my current PSU?

    I will agree with him, I will go to Nvidia and it is good and less noice than ati
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    Which Board for Rock Solid i7 build.... Thinking Intel Mobo

    I really agree with ur opinion, I think i7 extreme is too much and 920 is more enough and some of my friends say that it is too much waste of money because I really dont need to use all the feature of the this powerful CPU
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    Which Board for Rock Solid i7 build.... Thinking Intel Mobo

    it is running pretty good with the mobo p6t Deluxe it is good board and I am happy it is working fine :)
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    XFX vs. EVGA

    you can ask them to credit you back to the credit card, maybe you can get it right away and you dont need to wait for the next purchase. for this vote, I will vote for EVGA for me in long history I think EVGA has been doing good video card.
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    Nvidia GTX260 or ATI 4870?

    I agree too. I also bought a EVGA 260 core, my vote is for 260 GTX
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    Nvidia says Core i7 is a waste of money.

    I still think it is alittle bit over price for Dual Core and Quad Core motherboard are around 100 to 150. Even I bought i7 because I want to use the computer for couple years, but these year have been crazy coming out new CPU and it is not the same as P4 ages :P
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    Cooler Master RC690 Gallery

    which heatcooler you are using and what fan for your cpu fan :)
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    i7 - Looking for an easy to install heatsink...

    I agree that megahalem is the easiest too
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    ThermalTake Ultra or CM V8?

    which version is better the black or the normal one? for thermalright Ultra 120?
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    Where can I get i7 920/D0 with D0 stepping?

    thank you for the good point of the advice, so I was happy that I save 100 dollar off :)
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    Where can I get i7 920/D0 with D0 stepping?

    microcenter which i got my cpu for 199.99, but it is still good deal for that price, but now i realize that there is two type cpu i7 :( if i knew it i would pay more for the different, by the way do you know what different between c0 or D0, what I read it just alittle bit faster for OC or I am...