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    Microsoft Hires Peggy Johnson To Head Global Business Development

    She gave a 30 minute talk during my division's all-hands meeting last year, and it was incredibly boring. Basically her, on stage, reminiscing with our department's SVP about their careers. It was like listening to to two people talk about the vacation you didn't go on and couldn't care less about.
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    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 $25

    Staples also has this deal, and you can reserve it for in store pickup to avoid shipping costs.
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    Looking for a ~$300 video card recommendation

    Thanks guys, that was what I was looking for. I have my eye on a Asus 280x and will probably pick it up.
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    Looking for a ~$300 video card recommendation

    My AMD 6870 appears to have died on me, and I'm looking for a replacement around $300. I haven't been paying much attention to the video card market over the last several years, so I'm now a little lost on what my best options are. I have seen very few video card related [H]otdeals or Slickdeals...
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    Argentinian 'Super-Hacker' Arrested Over Online Scams

    "sophisticated computers" The fuck? Was he hoarding Gibsons?
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    Epic Uptime Achievement: Can You Beat 16 Years?

    Several years ago a coworker of mine, who did contract work for Southwest Airlines, mentioned that they had an old Sun box with an uptime of something like 13 years, running some horribly outdated version of SunOS. The box was critical to some sort of functionality within Southwest, and any...
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    2600K $230 @ MicroCenter B&M (Facebook coupon)

    Used the coupon yesterday to snag a 2600K and a P8Z68-V/GEN3. Posting from the new rig now. Thanks, OP.
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    Microcenter 2600k Deal Is Back: Buy 2600k at $279 and get $60 off MOBO purchase

    I got this in an email from Microcenter. I don't think this is quite as hot as before (it was $80 off before, right?), but still worth posting.
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    Judge Overturns $625.5M Patent Suit Against Apple

    Seriously guys, this was in east Texas, land of the patent trolls. Any time you see a story about a patent lawsuit that includes the word "Tyler" or "east Texas", you should turn your skepticism dial to 11.
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    Leaked Intel Roadmap Says X79 Chipset in Q4 2011

    New chipset without native USB 3.0 or PCI 3.0? New SSD line without SATA 6 Gb/s? WTH, Intel? Am I mistaken that leaks like this usually come from Chinese or other south-east Asian websites? It really seems like a disproportionate number of leaks relating to road maps, engineering sample...
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    SilverStone GF06 HTPC Chassis

    Currently waiting on my GD05B to arrive in the mail, so thank you for the link to the review. I was more or less shooting in the dark when I picked it, so it is reassuring to see the series has a good reputation.
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    Amazon 20GB cloud service 69 cents for the year PRICE ERROR?

    I would imagine you could simply change the extension to .mp3 and it would work. Just dont try to play it. Does anyone know what the normal cost for this is? ~$0.50 for a year is nice, but I'd like to know what the year over year cost would be, and I'm having trouble finding that. *Edit to...