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    Convert laptop GPU to desktop GPU

    That slot is called MXM3 ?? Who knew! I'll look into it, thanks!
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    Convert laptop GPU to desktop GPU

    I have a Geforce 980M laptop card, and I'm wondering if there is control board or a DIY project where you can convert this card into a desktop PC video card. (Just like when you only have a laptop monitor and you buy its control board to get a working PC monitor)
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    SHOCKER - Free VPNs Sell Your Data

    Hmm... Just like free social media sites :rolleyes: :LOL:
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    Putin Boobs and Trump

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    The Mafia 2 Thread **Contains Spoilers**

    Could some mod please ban this thread necromancer? k thanx
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    Furry Dating Site Shuts Down Due to FOSTA

    Commander Shepard and Azureth are devastated right now by this news...
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    A Startup Is Pitching a Mind-Uploading Service That Is “100 Percent Fatal”

    I think we can all chip in and volunteer Azureth as a first client (y):coffee:
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    Geralt of Rivia Joins Soul Calibur VI

    Hopefully in the future, we will see more games with this "cross developer" collaboration (y)
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    It's "Gabe Newell's son"!!! So unimportant they don't even mention his name in the headline :hilarious: :smuggrin:
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    What hardware would work best

    I think one super PC would be overkill, not to mention expensive. Do you currently have those softwares installed in another PC? Check how much CPU and memory they use, and then come back and tell us
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    I also wanted to buy a new vid card, this Riva 128 is getting a little old, and the prices are steep indeed. As long as cryptomining is mainstream, vid card prices will remain high :hungover:
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    A Massive Intel Hardware Bug May Be on the Horizon

    Lets not forget CPU serial numbers either. Who knows what program might be underway right now regarding this.
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    A Massive Intel Hardware Bug May Be on the Horizon

    Well, If the NSA says "Jump," Intel says, "How high? :LOL:
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    A Massive Intel Hardware Bug May Be on the Horizon

    What is a real joke is that after 10 years we are still using Core i7 :LOL: