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  • Hi, I have read your entire thread, and I have to say that is some impressive work. I am building a submerged PC next year when I am ready to upgrade my rig, and well I was wondering if you'd mind giving me a bit of advice.

    I am very interested in that cpu gel thing you used instead of thermal paste it seemed to work wonders, is it still the case? are you still running the machine?

    Also What do you think about the Pudget Aquarium PC v3 DIY kit? I plan to get my own fans though, I would buy thier kit mainly for the aquarium/rack and pumps/radiator (Do you think they are of a good enough quality? (especially the pumps) because I do not really have the tools or expertise to actually craft the case like you did.

    What about your GPU thermal paste has it disolved? What is the reason you didnt put silicon around the gpu the second time around to prevent the oil to get to the paste? Wouldnt that be a foolproof way to make sure it doesnt disolve?

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