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    ASUS to Launch a ROG Gaming Smartphone in June

    The only device im looking forward to seeing is what Google brings to the table with the Pixel 3. Hard to get exited over a device that will be heavily skinned, receive maybe one major update late to the game, and that will have similar specs to every other device besides a higher refresh rate...
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    Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    Ive been playing on a 4790k and 1080ti Ultra no AA and 1.5x res scale and it runs between 80-144. There is the occasional dip to 60, but nothing to write home about. I fall in the crowd of 144 or bust, lol!
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    The FRAG Tickets on Sale for April Event

    What all games are usually played and are there any vendors at the event? Thinking about making the trip, not too far out for me, just a few hours .
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    Ever Buy an Original PS3? Sony May Owe You $65

    Just dragged mine out from the closet and filled out the form. 65 bucks is better than what Gamestop would give me since the damn thing doesnt work anyways.
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    Apple Delays New iOS Features to Focus On Stability

    Has android radically changed since lollipop, no. But that was the introduction to material design and there have been refinements along the way. Ios is too restrictive even when just moving icons, you have to play musical chairs with them. At least with android you have far more flexibility to...
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    Apple Delays New iOS Features to Focus On Stability

    iOS is in dire need of a homescreen refresh. The grid of icons is getting pretty stale and to be honest it should have been updated years back. Google is miles ahead of interfaces when it comes to the android vs ios argument.
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    Toyota Adding Alexa to Select Cars in 2018

    Christ no its nothing to write home about. There are better equipped KIAs out there. Its fairly minimal and thank god i dont have i drive. Ive had my share of issues with it, but im not interested in a connected car.
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    Toyota Adding Alexa to Select Cars in 2018

    Looks like ill be sticking with my 09 BMW 128i for quite awhile.
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    HTC and Motorola: We Don’t Slow Down Phones with Old Batteries Like Apple Does

    I had a Moto X 2014 from Verizon and was pissed that it wasnt going to receive the update to Android 6.0. Now had I owned the Pure edition it would have received the update. Picked up an iPhone 6s and used it till the Pixel dropped. Zero complaints so far.
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    Some people really need to get a MacBook!

    Im right there with you on wishing Apple would offer discreet GPUs on the 13" MBP. Ive been on the fence about getting the 15" 2017 MBP for a while. Do I need it, no. But do I want it, very much so!
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    Samsung Bixby Available in US Now

    I have yet to find any use for a personal assistant on any of my devices. Disabled Google assistant on my Pixel and Siri on my iPad Pro. Its odd to me why Samsung disables remapping of the Bixby button, but you can choose to use Google assistant over Bixby. Just give the user the ability to...
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    Intel Core i7 4790K Review

    Im looking to upgrade to an intel box from my current 8320 @ 4.2. Looking at different articles and reviews anything AMD cpu wise is nothing to write home about. Never owned an intel cpu and interested in seeing the difference. Will be selling mobo and cpu once I get the new stuff.
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    Borderlands 2 performance with sli 780

    I am in need of unfiltered information and experience. What sort of performance should I expect with an 8320@4.2 and sli 780s while playing borderlands 2 @ 1080 with all the eyecandy on. In some areas it can dip to 45 and sometimes a little less. Another friend of mine said that he was getting...
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    EVGA 780 w/ ACX SLI

    Thanks for all the tips and knowledge from the gawds of hardocp! I really dont plan on Ocing, if I do, it would only be up to 1ghz, nothing major. Even considered modifying the bios, but i love my warranty sadly.