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    Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl

    I guess no one played one of the best NES games called River City Ransom? Not that I want to play this Kevin Smith version.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Free update today. Combat challenges. New cosmetics.
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    Alien: Isolation $2 on steam

    I've been a big Alien and Aliens fan since I was too young to be watching them. This was everything I could have ever wanted from a video game based on this universe.
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    Playstation's Play at Home Initiative - Free Uncharted Collection and Journey

    Am I missing a step or just too early yet? I don't see where they are free.
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    PS5 Release Window Officially Announced

    Unless your a Gears or Halo fan there is almost zero reason to get an Xbox. Even more so today since they are all coming to PC. Sony exclusives just destroy Xbox exclusives right now. But that's just my opinion.
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    The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Brilliant

    Yes it was Midgar. There is video showing Cloud like this. It appears they didn't remove it like many people were worried about.
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    The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Brilliant

    But will Hell House be returning? :D
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    The Last of Us: Part II

    Holy crap I love everything about this idea! 'The Last of Us' Series in the Works at HBO From 'Chernobyl' Creator Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann
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    Playstation 2 turns 20 today.

    Man I'm old.
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    Ghost of Tsushima

    Finally have a release date. June 26th!
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    The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Brilliant

    It's been stated long ago but even the demo you can turn on turn based combat. I can't imagine FFVIIR not having random battles. I don't think the narrative heavy demo is a good place to judge that just yet.
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    The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Brilliant

    You do know Cactuar and Carbuncle Summon Materia are preorder DLC too?
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    Death Stranding launches November 8, 2019; confirmed as PS4 exclusive

    PC release June 2nd.
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    Death Stranding - New Kojima game
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    System Shock Remastered Demo Available June 28th

    Latest interview says this year and not much more.