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    16GB+ of RAM club

    dannnng! what does that feel like?! hahah i got sun servers at my work with 32GB but to have 16GB on a personal desktop now thats amazing.
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    Cop Investigated Over YouTube Video

    exactly what i said.
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    overclocking e6800. are my settings for fsb and ram 1:1?

    ok the e6800 has a multiplier of 9 fsb of 1066 i want to take the e6800 to 3.6ghz so.. so i set it 400x9=3.6ghz now for my ram.. i would just have to increase it to 400 as well right? so 400x4=1600mhz fsb? let me know if i'm right. thanks
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    Please recommend me a server motherboard for this processor Xeon x3210

    The processor that I'll be using is the Intel Xeon X3210 Kentsfield 2.13GHz. Thanks!
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    Microsoft Seeing Xbox Shortages in U.S.

    thats how i feel about sony.
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    Microsoft Seeing Xbox Shortages in U.S.

    you are by far, the biggest XBOX360 fanboy I have ever met in my life. WOW.
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    a;right finally got done setting up my system and i'm running perfectly stable 1:1 ratio Gigabyte GA-p35-ds3L <---- cheap board performs extermely well. Highly recommended! E8400 @ 4.0ghz EASILY! Crucial 2x1gb DDR2-1777
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    Kingwin Revolution RVT-12025/OEM Xigmatek HDT-S1283 deserves more attention.

    go with xigmatek. its the same EXACT thing but cheaper. they are made by the same company anyway. i bought 2 from xigmatek. the vertical and the horizontal heat sink. both are in direct contact (COPPER PIPE + CPU heat spreader)
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    i dont pay for pretty, i pay for the BANG! check out my foogly mobo that can clock 4.0 oh well handles the job well though
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    wow heat sink city why can't my mobo look this pretty? oh wait i forgot, i spent only 89 bucks on a gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l that can clock at 4.0ghz
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    Lets talk socket 754...

    i just sold my socket 754 and a motherboard for 90 bucks. hahahaha i guess some guy needed a 754 set up bad. i got so many damn heat sinks laying around everywhere so i gave the guy a brand new big typhoon heat sink
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    e8400 and what kind of memory is best for it?

    haha oops my bad. actually i didnt even read the guys post. i just read his title and assumed i knew what he wanted. but for me ddr2-1066 is the way to goo.
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    Is my friend an idiot?

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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    all of them have temp reading problems.
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    e8400 and what kind of memory is best for it?

    I got crucial ballistics ddr2-1066 and E8400.