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    Graphene Coolant?

    Would need to see long term reliability. Pretty cool though.
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    RTX 3080 FTW3 EK Vector Waterblock Install & Results

    An update to this thread, the card I installed in the OP is still working great. I helped a friend install the same EK block on a ftw3 3080ti, he had already disassembled the card but got confused with the thermal pads. Helped him put those on but didn't have any kratom tape so went without...
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    X570 Aorus Elite question

    Aorus Elite here, I have been able overclock to 1866 FCLK with a 5800x and b-die single rank ram. I had better performance at 1800 and tighter timings though so that's what I run.
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    Ekwb Nickel Plated 2080ti Block After 3 Months Of Use With EK Clear Cryofuel.

    The Nickel plating is pretty thin, doubt there's any risk of damaging anything, cloging, ect. It didn't flake off, more like it wore off. Most of it was probably suspended in the coolant sense it runs 24/7, which was drained and replaced. Unfortunantly I bought the block 2nd hand though unused...
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    Ekwb Nickel Plated 2080ti Block After 3 Months Of Use With EK Clear Cryofuel.

    My ek 3080 block had had most of the nickel come off in less than 3 months. Used corsairs clear coolant for the first time. Funny enough, the aquacooler cpu block's nickel plating in the same loop looks good as new. Ended up taking the ek gpu block apart and used a little copper polish to get...
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    RTX 3080 FTW3 EK Vector Waterblock Install & Results

    Nylon washers might have worked also, but I felt this was the simplest, safest solution. Washers on one side might cause improper contact over cooled components or cause stress to the pcb. Primochill LRT in solid white. Probably the best soft tubing around.
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    Finally took the disappointing plunge into liquid metal

    Liquid metal is only beneficial for use between a die and an ihs/block. Usage between the ihs and block/cooler isn't recommended.
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    Xe looking EXTREAMLY under welming

    I was hoping for a affordable, low power card I could throw in my server to handle video transcoding with quicksync.
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    5900x, running hot

    Luckily my USB issues were fix in a bios update. 5800x & gigabyte x570 elite.
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    Identify a used GPU card that was used in mining?

    How would you tell that the memory was overclocked? A physical inspection would not tell you. Sure a card with a mining bios would be a dead giveaway, but telling ebay that would probably get you nowhere. Now saying the card has a defect would almost guarantee a return, ebay sides with the buyer...
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    Recommend Me a Coolant

    I have been water-cooling for over 10 years. In that time, the only coolant I've ever used is distilled water with the appropriate amount of PTN Nuke biocide. This is the Benzalkonium chloride version, not the copper sulfate stuff. It's supposed to be safe for nickel. I prefer using non-plated...
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    temp plastic barb fittings?

    You can probably get some from your local hardware store. Or you can get cheap metal ones too, bought a six pack for $11 on ebay.
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    RTX 3080 FTW3 EK Vector Waterblock Install & Results

    Core +165, Memory + 1350. Holds around 2175 for core clocks. Maybe up the memory? Also I'm running the XOC bios with the 450w power limit. I like many have a bug though where the 3rd 8pin power only draws half of what the other 2 8 pins draw, meaning I still hit the power limit around 390w...
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    RTX 3080 FTW3 EK Vector Waterblock Install & Results

    Installed a EK Vector Waterblock on my 3080 FTW3 a few days ago. There's lots of discussion on the EVGA forum about people bricking their 3080/3090's while installing the EK Waterblock, so I decided to document my install and share the results. The EVGA card is a pain to disassemble. The...