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    Ryzen 3900X USB Reset Problem

    I dont know if this applies to your situation, but back when I had a 1700 on a B350, I had all kinds of weird USB issues. I found that increasing the Soc voltage 0.05V (or perhaps it was 0.1V) via offset, removed the problems. The 3900x is a completely different CPU, so I don't know if it will...
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    Zen 3 is rumored to be flaunting monumental IPC gains in early testing

    Its hard to say where exactly the improvements will come from. Zen 3 is supposed to be an even more from the grounds up rebuild of the architecture than Zen 2. Zen 2 was their first chiplet design. There must be some low hanging fruit they have discovered, that can improve performance / IPC...
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    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    I have been experimenting a little with this since I read the post on HWiNFO's forum. On my system with my current settings, where I run with a -0,1V offset to the core voltage, HWiNFO64 reports a Power Report Deviation (PRD) of about 75%. Which seems rather bad (lower percentage is supposed to...
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    Manual clocking the 3900x

    You cant trust HWinfo 64 completely, as it cant detect cores that are put to sleep. See this comparison of Ryzen Master vs HWinfo64 on my almost completely idle 3900X. HWinfo shows much higher clocks. HWinfo does not know the core has been powered down, so it'l show the last active clock. The...
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    Why did YOU choose AMD for your processor?

    I have been almost AMD exclusive since my first PC. AMD 386DX40 (with Cyrix x87 FPU) > AMD486 DX4 100 > AMD DX4 133 (5x86 P75 i believe it was named) > Cyrix 6x86 P166+ > AMD K6 200 > AMD K6-2 300 > AMD K6-3 450 > AMD Athlon 500 > AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) 1.33Ghz > Athlon X2 3800+ > Phenom X4...
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    Post your Ryzen memory speeds!

    I don't think my results are anything special for Samsung B-dies. But I'm satisfied with my results on this cheap motherboard. Timings as shown in Ryzen DRAM calculator 1.7.0
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    NEW ! ! Ryzen Ram Calculator 1.7.0 Released

    On my system it suggested slightly tighter timings, and different values for ProcODT and the CAD_BUS Block ohms. Some of the Voltage Block settings, were also changed (raised) a little. For me it enabled up to 3666 to work. Before I could get to 3466 max.
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    I upgraded from a 1700 to a 3900x 3 weeks ago. And even though my motherboard is not a top model, it has been completely painless. It restarted a few times on the first boot, before starting Windows, and since then it has just worked. I installed all the newest drivers after installing the new...
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    AMD FX 8350 it still works!

    My FX 8150 on an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX is still in service, but these days as a NAS server with Plex and Logitech Media Server duties. When I replace my Ryzen 1700 setup, it will take the 8150's place, and then the 8150 will probably be put to rest.
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    Here Is 10 Minutes of RAGE 2 Gameplay

    I really liked Rage too, and finished the game (and have played it a few times since release). I didn't understand its bad reputation. I will probably get this new version, just to see if I enjoy it as much.
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    Ryzen 3000 Processors Listed on Russian Retail Site

    If this is anything else than rumours, my 1700 will be replaced by a 3700x, sooner than I thought it would be ...
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    AdoredTV Discusses the Recent AMD Ryzen and Radeon 3000 Series Leaks

    If his predictions do turn out to be true, my current 1700 / RX480 system will get an upgrade probably towards 3700X / RX3070. If that CPU will work in my current motherboard of course.
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    The Evolution of the Windows Kernel

    Its a nice article. And I'm quite certain the Windows kernel is weel thought through, robust, and reasonably well optimized. Something the developers could and should be proud off. Its a shame its let down so much by the rest of the OS. Especially Windows update has become a nuisance. In the...
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    T-FORCE VULCAN & G.SKILL Flare X AM4 Overclocking @ [H]

    Well if thats the facts, I consider myself lucky getting to 3400 (3393 because base clock is 99.8 instead of 100). I'm actually quite happy with the system as it is right now. In the future I'll probably buy the 2700x, if I cant wait until the next revision of Ryzen comes out. I actually like...
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    T-FORCE VULCAN & G.SKILL Flare X AM4 Overclocking @ [H]

    Mine is of course only a 3200 kit. I have tried setting Procodt to 60, and 1.475V @3466. It does seem to have helped, but I'll have to run for some time, to see if its reliable / stable. Edit: Nope, didn't work, still get memory errors / crashes after a few minutes. 3400 seems to be where...