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    Windows Experience Index at a 1??

    Thanks guys. It was the directx thing; updated it and poof 5.9.
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    Windows Experience Index at a 1??

    Yeah we just tried disabling the Onboard video in BIOS, and rerunning the test it still says 1. GPU-Z shows the 260gtx. After playing a couple of rounds in CSS, the computer runs smoothly, guess Vista is just messed up.
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    Windows Experience Index at a 1??

    My friend just put together a new system. Everything else is fine, except for in Windows Experience Index; its telling him that his Graphics is rated at a 1. Everything else is at a 5.9 or 5.8. He was installed the latest Nvidia drivers, and ran WEI again. It still came out as a 1. He is...
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    Moving from Nforce to AMD.. driver questions

    The motherboard manufacturer has the updated chipset drivers. Who is the manufacturer of the mobo? I know that asus has some drivers that were updated on September 2008. "AMD Chipset Driver Program V3.0.642.0 for Windows 32/64bit Vista.(WHQL) 20.56 (MBytes) 2008/09/05 update" EDIT...
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    XFX Geforce 8200 wont start

    I recently bought a XFX Geforce motherboard from TigerDirect. I got it and reformatted and the like. I wanted to test my performance when Overclocked, so I followed the little strip of paper on how to Overclock. I moved the jumper over to enable it, and then set my setting. Once it restarted...
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    Steam is ruining the classics. - Rant

    The Freeze-cam can be turned off server-side. I play DODS everyday, and it doesn't bother me none. Hopefully, they will remake some of the good old school maps. Not that shitty Palermo one.
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    TF2: Steam VAC Error

    I get this from time to time. Apparently you lost connection to the VAC/Content Server. I always close out steam, go to C:/Program Files/Steam/ and delete the clientregistry.blob. Then restart Steam. It will ask for your info/pass again. And it ought to be fixed. At least it always worked for me.
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    Unofficial AoC buddy key Request

    Hm. With all the hype around this game, I would like to try it. And I would gratefully accept a spare key.
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    Got GTA IV but..

    Woot! A week after sending my xbox to the repair center (which is about 30 mins away from me), its being sent to me! * Device: Xbox360 Hardware * Serial Number: 30XXXXXXX206 * Warranty Status: In Warranty * Repair Status: Device Shipped to Customer * Carrier Name...
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    Got GTA IV but..

    I live in Dallas, Texas. And I got the system in 07, when it was just the core and premium bundles.
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    Got GTA IV but..

    Fake? How dare you accuse me of this fraud in my time of distress sir? on a serious note, generally how long does it take for it to be repaired? The rep said 3-4 weeks, but that seems like an awfully long time.
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    Got GTA IV but..

    Sadly, no friends near me owns an xbox, so looks like I hafta disconnect myself from the internet, and my ps3 buddies to avoid spoilers. :(
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    Got GTA IV but..

    I got home with GTA IV 30 minutes ago, took a shower, asked off for the next 2 days to play the game, and guess what!? MY XBOX IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU XBOX GOD! YOU GAVE ME THE RED RINGS!:( :( I can't play GTA IV for weeks.... at least the rep at Microsoft was nice about it...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I'm in.
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    TF2 and Vista - How does it run?

    have everything on max, and get about 70-90 fps. :D Lovez the game!!!