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    How to Securely Sanitize Devices after trashing them?

    Are people really this paranoid? Unless you are dealing with highly sensitive data its not worth the trouble. If you are that concerned, take it to the nearest equipment shredder.
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    Command and Conquer Remastered *Deal Dead, now 19.99

    I got this awhile back, still enjoying it. I would love a Red Alert 2 and Generals remaster also please.
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    Surveillance camera with 30ft cord

    Surveillance Camera? That logitech is a web cam, not a surveillance cam. . . . And USB is only good for 15 feet without a powered repeater. Find a POE network camera, monoprice should have some for a decent price.
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    My IT department software locked up my SSD

    They may have some kind of Data Loss Prevention software that will only recognize certain drives. I bet it would be detectable at you home PC.
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    Is this a good, reliable way to attach a standard telephone to a router?

    Consolidate your cell carriers to one that will support a network extender.
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    Cloud computing for large entities such as the army, benefits, risks and concerns.

    I didn't read the entire thread, but just something to keep in mind. Any Gov cloud functions must be put into a FedRAMP compliant facility, of which I believe AWS has two regions that are FedRAMP compliant.
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    Favorite filaments?

    I use a lot of hatchbox filament, seems to be the most consistent with my printer. I have also run some Filacube with success, they have several different colors I like, I also have some Keeve Village plastics that i use for food safe PLA and specialty filled filaments. Stay away from 3d...
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    Need HelpDesk software suggestions

    Atera. RMM + Ticketing and billing systems built in.
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    VirtualBox - Enabling encryption allocates all dynamic storage

    Sounds right. Encryption is a block level task most of the time, so its going to scan/encrypt all blocks on the entire disk. When that block is encrypted, the disk is expanded.
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    HP Printer send to shared folder issue

    Likely a DNS issue, If you set it by IP it will work, unless you have a DNS server that can correctly resolve the name.
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    How can I see which Hyper-V guest has the most disk activity?

    Download Veeam one community edition or trial version.
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    Mixing Office Apps

    You "can" mix click to run and licensed installs, its a pain in the butt and i believe you need a KMS server to do it. Good it, you will find an answer, but its not fun to get working.
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    RDP Application that saves all creds (except password)

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    DHCP Help

    Are there any IP phones on your network in this default dhcp range? If so the easiest way to get stuff off that scope would be to create a native voice vlan on your switches and reboot the phones.
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    Finally! Dept of Homeland Security Issues DRONE Warning

    Well this thread really derailed didn't it? We went from talking about drones to Aryans and KKK