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    Teen Could Get Two Years for Facebook Photos with Jesus Statue

    At best they should only be able to get him for trespassing. If he damaged the statue in some way then vandalism. This? This is the fucking morality police/laws which we don't need in this country.
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    How The NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

    They don't get anything else right by design. They're not your friend, they don't want to help you, and they'll never truly act in the interest of the individual.
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    Courts: Dotcom’s Millions Will Remain Frozen

    Guess they haven't spent it all for him yet.
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    Game Developer Harassment As Bad As Ever?

    Ignore the trolls and respond to the rest. Any type of trolling you can't simply ignore should be relegated to the police. Problem solved.
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    Smartphone Kill-Switch Bill Passes California Assembly

    This is exactly what they will do. You really think they care about looting and rioting? Hell no they don't! The police are regularly told to stand down when riots occur.
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    Smartphone Kill-Switch Bill Passes California Assembly

    THIS. Any time there is anything going on all they have to do kill your phone and you can't even call for help. Let alone use your phone to report anything that might be considered and abuse of power by the government.
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    Battlefield Hardline Delayed Until 2015

    I think that this is most likely due to the fact they realized people hated the beta and knew they were in trouble. I lost faith in EA produced games after two failed CnC games in a row.
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    You Don't Have To Be Okay With Violence In Video Games

    My 6 year old daughter is tougher and more self-secure than this moron.
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    Comcast Is Investigating a Customer Service Call From Hell

    I've had that type of conversation with your tech support in the past. Which is why I am now with Charter instead.
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    WARMACHINE: Tactics Now On Steam Early Access

    Is he by any chance a Glen Cook fan with that screen name?
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    Benjamin F. Edwards Co. Discloses Data Breach

    Check with American and British Intelligence agencies. Bet it was one or the other. (or both!)
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    Elon Musk: I'm Worried About A Terminator-Like Scenario

    A lot of really wealthy and influential people have made statements in recent years stating they are trying to keep themselves alive long enough to merge with machines and become immortal. (also known as trans-humanism)
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    Female Lead Cut From Assassin's Creed Unity

    I prefer to play as a male lead. Call me sexist, insecure, whatever. I don't care. But if I have an option I always pick a male. As do the vast majority of gamers given several statistics around the net I've read over the years.
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    Dead Rising 3 Comes to PC This Summer

    I played through DR2 (co-op start to finish) on PC. Even with it using GFWL it was a very good game with few glitches. Hopefully this time around it will be even better since it won't be using GFWL.