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    Suggestions for an 8 Bay or 2x4 Bay Enclosure

    Yeah, I cant get it to show up at all when I type in the website. Damn weird.
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    Windows 11 reveal coming June 24th

    Oh I see. the windows preview insiders option. Does it run the games you guys already had installed?
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    Looking for a home NAS

    Asustor also makes great NAS devices. I have had mine for 7 years and no issues at all. Works well, and uses A version of Unix. Very easy to work with and they really look great too
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    New to mining. Have any newbie guides?

    So I am looking to mine with my primary PC. I do not use it much. I figure CPU mining would be better because I have an AMD 3950xt, vs only a 980TI for a GPU So just looking at the best options are, etc. Ill take any advice you can give me. I appreciate it.
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    With ATT internet, how do I add my own wireless router?

    So do I make my wireless router just an Access point, or do I disable wireless on the ATT router and let mine be the broadcast router? A bit confused on that.
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    Basic NVMe PCI 4.0 SSD Questions

    I went from a standard SSD to a new NVME 4 and my machine boots up a lot faster and loads games a lot faster. So you can tell a difference, depending on what the jump is.
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    NAS question

    I am looking at the Synology DS2419+ with an atom Intel Atom C3538 Would that be fine for data storage for a plex server? Meaning my desktop is the server, the NAS is only for storage and for whatever Plex needs. Is that a sufficient CPU for the task In your guys opinion?
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    The ultimate price gouge

    Or just open it up and not let a virus stop us from living our lives. Lets get going and get America back to work so we can get cheaper Chips!!! I need a new GPU!
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    The ultimate price gouge

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    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    How do these compare to the Ryzen 9 3950X?
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    Looking at the Ryzen 9 3950X 16 core for plex..Will that CPU do well with transcoding?

    I would like to have 3 streams. I hit more than 1 and the second one starts pausing and unpausing, etc
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    Looking at the Ryzen 9 3950X 16 core for plex..Will that CPU do well with transcoding?

    So I currently have a 4790K and transcoding sucks. First time with an AMD, and someone said that they have come a long way. So would that CPU do well for plex?
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    Best Software raid OS for Raid 6

    Sol if I have a PC that just had hard drives connected to the MB, and no OS, what software would be the best choice>