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    Moore Threads MTT S80 GPU Escapes China, Gets Benchmarked

    These guys are way behind even Intel in drivers. Not surprising that the real world performance in games will suck.
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    If I want to get a mac just to see what it is like what would you recommend?

    Get an M1 Air. Its great as a secondary computer, Mini may be cheaper but you may have a harder time finding a purpose for it.
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    AMD Ultimate Tech Upgrade to replace Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade

    Lol did Linus steal someone's lunch money back in middle school...
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    AMD admits to restraining chip supply to keep higher CPU and GPU prices

    Do people not understand supply and demand?
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    Is 256GB enough for the latest generation MacBook Air

    I had an M1 base model and it was fine for basic usage. That said I am pretty good about only keeping what I need. When I buy for my parents I generally load up on the RAM and storage so that they won't call me up for tech support.
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    SSD prices keep falling Patriot 2 GB $80, DRAM NVME added for Leven Brand

    Pretty expensive for 2GB :) Anyway good TBW. Seems to be TLC, no-DRAM.
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    Intel misses Q4 badly, Q1 guidance is abysmal

    A bit surprised by the outlook. Product-wise they are in a better spot than a year ago.
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    additional RAM causing crash?

    May just be a bad set of ram.
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    Are HomePod 2 really that good?

    I'm expecting the Home Pod 2 to sound very good. Apple has always been very good about audio (value aside). If you are in the ecosystem it is hard to go wrong with one. If I didn't have something set up in every room already I'd look to get one (have combination of Sonos, Airport Express, and...
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    Corsair Ax1500i died and killed 3080?

    It's certainly possible for water damage to cause corrosion over a long period. It doesn't have to blow up immediately.
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    Help Me Choose a Lenovo Laptop

    The first is good enough for your current needs. That said, the 2nd one gives you more capability for the money. It has a faster CPU, more RAM, a better screen, and a GPU that allows for some gaming if you ever feel like doing it.
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    Possible to get a worthwhile ~$200-250 upgrade for GTX 1080?

    The difference should be pretty significant. Still, you might do better to just spend a bit more for the next tier up 3060ti/3070/6700/xt etc. Can always sell the 1080 and get a bit back to make up the difference.
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    [Rumor] Intel Arc A770 Early October Launch

    It doesn't look that bad with RT on. Might get one to play around with and retire my RX580 in my HTPC.
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    Most undervalued cryptocurrency - your opinion?

    I want 32 Eth to run my own validator. Going to DCA into it.
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    Intel ARC Performance and Pricing Speculation

    Intel is sure good at product timing. They will release these cards just when a flood of mining cards will hit the market.