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    360TB Optical Data Storage On A Tiny Quartz Disc

    maybe finally we'll develop something to read the earth, much like reading a sheet of music or even play earth, much like a digital song at least things are still written in "stone" (minerals)
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    Elon Musk Personally Cancelled Customer's $130K Car Order

    very douche baggy move on the company's owner in my opinion. If he had more power, i wouldn't be surprised if he is a tyrant. but i bet that the reporter would probably be even a crazier tyrant. then again, hey maybe we all would be one ;D reading the "Tweet".. ( maybe social media just...
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    Photobomb Horse Owner Demands Share Of Selfie Prize

    i kinda feel like the owner of the horse deserves something. like i'm sure even just a thank you card would have been enough. just my opinion. if it was me i would've preferred just a notification that was going to happen
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    Apple Granted 41 New Patents

    yea we need some form to recognize intelligence as intelligence, not synonymous with commodities.
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    760 SLI or single 780?

    actually had a friend who bought the two 760 4gb for the price difference and similar "possible" performance options. he didnt overlcock and do much tweaking with the cards, but out of box single 780 3gb, single 7950 3gb, apparently kicked his 2x 760 4gb ass' WITHOUT question. i was very...
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    8-Year-Old Kills Caregiver After Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

    hold on.. not to be cynical.. BUT what IF the baebae (baby), just had enough and the caretaker deserved it :O but on a serious note, goodness gracious. what can we do but hope for fortune from misfortunes?
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    EVGA Pro SLI bridges

    yea i entered to try and get one, im sure they are only for looks. i think it'd be kinda cool if they had fan outlets lol. so u can hook up a case fan to the sli bridge haha. jus add another oultet for fans or something.
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    spare iphone screen programmed for accessory monitor?

    dang, im wondering how feasible it would be to now to make a quad copter running on a gas system.... jus to prolong the life on the go... this stuff is crazyyyy.. i honestly i might have been onto something kind of low key, surprised how many people are messing around with drones.
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    spare iphone screen programmed for accessory monitor?

    YESS!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU.
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    spare iphone screen programmed for accessory monitor?

    holy smokes, right on. i actually want to have a computing unit tho, i've been beating around the bush but this is what i really want to do. i want to carry up to 3 RC helicopters on me. i want to mount cameras on them, or have a method of capture what the helo's are seeing and have it...
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    spare iphone screen programmed for accessory monitor?

    nice this is pretty cool. hm. it seems like buying a tablet all ready maed might be easier for me. is there ways to add something gadgets to boost the gps reception? or someways to connect to the internet on the go like in the mountains
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    spare iphone screen programmed for accessory monitor?

    i already have a spare screen. well, its an older iphone and is very slow. im looking to mod it in such a way where i would gain benefits even if miniscule. mainly that its very slow n crappy lol. si i was thinkin about salvaging some parts from it and then hopefully get some kind of a bigger...
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    spare iphone screen programmed for accessory monitor?

    hm, i want to somehow make a stand alone gps unit. if possible i would like to use this device as a camping accessory, where i would be able to track my self and interact with a map. sort of like the MTS provided by blackdiamond with less of a tactical use.
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    spare iphone screen programmed for accessory monitor?

    i need some input on whether or not i can use a spare iphone monitor as a touch screen monitor. im trying to see if i can buy a beaglebone or some kind of micro computer chipet to make a small tablet. thanks for the input!:cool:
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    AMD: CUDA Is Doomed

    prevalence in a field is different from cornering a market. monopolizing something is different than being recognized as a leader in a field. cornering a market is different from monopolizing in that monopolissies makes it impossible for others to compete, where as a cornered market has only...