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    MSI GTX 970 bios delay with GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this. I got a MSI GTX 970 graphics card. Now when I boot the PC it hangs at the bios splash screen for over 1 minute. The PC beeps several times and no input is allowed at all except ctrl-alt-del which starts the boot process again. I...
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    State of Decay. Coming to PC.

    I picked this up today, having never played the console version. Spent some time fiddling with the graphics, was not able to get the "ultra" (very high) version running at what I consider to be an acceptable frame rate, but it was fairly smooth on "maximum" (high). Maybe this will help someone...
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    Crossfire severely flawed?

    I'm not privy enough about the specifics of framerate / frame capture technologies to make my own judgement on exactly how these technologies work. I can offer some anecdotal evidence though. In both BF3 and Crysis 3, I got good results with Crossfire. All framerates observed with FRAPS...
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    Crysis 3 - Crossfire issue, only black screen on launch

    And it's not working again, even using this method. Sometimes I curse AMD and their drivers.
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    Crysis 3 - Crossfire issue, only black screen on launch

    Clutch answer!! This is working now. Now I'm getting 55-70 fps at 1920x1200 at high with 2X SMAA. What a weird glitch. Especially weird that it only affects me with Crossfire enabled. Thanks.
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    Crysis 3 - Crossfire issue, only black screen on launch

    When launching the game it opens the window in windowed mode, then goes full screen. After that I just get a black screen, no sound and can't do anything, even ctrl-alt-del. If I disable Crossfire the game loads perfectly. Running 6950CF with 13.2 beta 6 drivers on windows 7 64. Anyone...
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    Long term PC for apocalyptic situation?

    Let's say you were building a PC for an end of the world as we know it scenario. The main goal of this PC would be to last you as long as possible. To store records, documents, books (survival guides, instructions, entertainment etc). You may play some light open source/indie games, but I...
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    IBM Server reboots over 4 times after hard reboot before it boots to Windows Server 2

    I have a new IBM 3550M4 - machine 7914AC1. You can do a soft reboot once the server is running and it will come up in one attempt. However, if you have to power off the server, then it will have to go through the entire boot cycle and restart over 4 times before it comes back up. As you can...
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    NVIDIA Adaptive VSync Technology Review @ [H]

    As it looks like some have said in this thread, it would have been nice to get a bit more information about input lag and this technology.. Not having any input lag is far more important to me than avoiding some tearing. I normally can't stand playing with Vsync at all because input lag is...
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    Pc building simulator tool

    Seconded. If you don't know enough to know what to pick then you should do a little more research before building a PC. 1) Start with the processor you want. 2) Decide what kind of graphics solution you want. 3) Pick a motherboard that is compatible with cpu, supports the number of...
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    7970 Trifire... doable on any single PSU?

    So I can make plans for when I inevitably hit the lottery. In all seriousness... that would be pretty cool. Could it be done or would you have to go multi-PSU? On HardOCP's review it seems to be pulling ~370W stock at full load and ~460W @1.26 ghz. Seems kinda pointless to slap 3 of...
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    I feel like Im running to hot...2600k

    Yes... that is definitely hotter than you want to run that chip. Are you confident that you have applied thermal paste properly? Also, I definitely second that the software OC could be giving you voltages that are way too high. It's also possible that you got a 2600k that just can't run...
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    Seconded... I have this same case. Does the job perfectly.
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    Poll: iPad as a gadget is...

    My fiance and I own an ipad2 together, but really only she uses it. I find that for general computer usage it's just way too slow to navigate and type on. I've had both an iphone 3G and an iphone 4 so it's not a lack of familiarity of the OS, just that I feel the touch UI just doesn't allow...
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    microstutter / stutter 100% FIX!

    I may try this is a replacement for Vsync at 60 FPS. If it could prevent tearing and not cause my framerate to dip unnecessarily below 60 I may try it. 30 FPS is not good though. Discerning gamers can definitely tell it's not as smooth as it can be.