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    PSA: Steam servers hacked?

    There's enough information between phone number, name, address and what little card details are visible for someone to use it to phish (or whatever would be the right term in this case) if they get a CSA on the phone who doesn't care much... like it's christmas or something. ID theft can occur...
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    latest and greatest mouse pad?

    Are there any hard mouse pads that are oversize, under-keyboard like the neoprene big mats that you see everywhere? I like the ability to wipe clean a hard surface but don't like the way separate mats force me to shove my keyboard over to the left. In time I'll be going back to a TKL or 60% when...
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    Why is BioWare the only company making games like Mass Effect?

    Because BioWare is the only company shit enough to make games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age. There are plenty that make games that are similar but far less compromised, like CDPR and Obsidian.
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    World of Tanks codes

    I'll happily redeem one and let you know.
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    Good local co-op games on Steam?

    He said good
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    Battlefield Softline gets 5 Million suckers for Beta

    Yeah, well, BF4 somehow found a way to be worse than BF3, so I don't think it's beyond possible.
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    Interstellar Marines free week

    I wonder how much that creative director guy spent in the UK. He speaks and sounds like a born-and-bred brummie. Very weird mixup of accents there, that is amazing to experience.
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    Shadows of Mordor worth 30 bucks on Steam?

    It's ok. Plenty repetitive, but then it is an Assassin's Creed style game. Combat's largely unchallenging until you get some higher-tier bosses with more interesting attribute combinations - at the very start of the game I was exploring and accidentally ran into an encounter that escalated into...
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    Metro 2033 is over hyped.

    Actually, this is very amusing as you're entirely wrong. There is more to the gameplay; that's just what you're choosing to do. In fact, you believe that it doesn't let the player figure things out or make mistakes/decisions because it's not holding your hand. You're assuming that the...
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    Battlefield Hardline, Goodbye BF

    They already took a big shit on the name with BF3. Anyone who bought 4 and is regretting it only has themselves to blame, since the foundations were laid with 3 quite clearly and unashamedly. And this? This isn't a nail in the coffin. This is just another shovelful of horseshit on the compost heap.
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    Most Depressing Games

    Any MOBA. Somehow they are teaching otherwise functional people to become autistic. It's incredible, and I don't know how they discovered they could make a congenital dysfunction a learned or conditioned one, but I hope some medical journals pick it up soon and someone performs a study.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Lost Alpha news

    Can't adjust the gamma at all. Quite irritating.
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    Steam: Red Orchestra 2 GOTY edition (Rising Storm expansion) free

    I guess I mis-read: base RO2 is free but you only get limited RS access. Still a great game though.
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    Steam: Red Orchestra 2 GOTY edition (Rising Storm expansion) free

    Free on steam until "10am" Thursday the 24th. Pacific? I don't know. Rising Storm is, in my opinion, better than the base game, but both are good if you're not an ADHD-ridden spazzoid. The game is the best MP FPS I've played in years, in honesty, and I don't know why it isn't more popular than...
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    Insane Character Creation Depth - Black Desert

    Expect a lot of emphasis on social elements, maybe? I think this degree of investment on a customer's part means they can make more money more easily by using the attachment to make a very popular chat room with a shiny interface.