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    Critics Of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Blast New Film

    I watched it, I liked it, but then I read most of the books up until Ep 1 came out. There are a lot of things in this movie that draw from the expanded universe that Disney said they threw out, and making the connections for me was interesting. The only thing I didn't care for was the end...
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    Americans With Broadband Plateaued, Most Rely On Smartphones For Internet

    Actually it doesn't even teach the basics anymore, especially about government and history, and doesn't even make people learn good math skills. Just this weekend in southern Indiana a 23 year old woman driving a semi caused a historic bridge to collapse because the sign said the weight limit...
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    Americans With Broadband Plateaued, Most Rely On Smartphones For Internet

    I agree completely, I even think my laptop screen is too small. Besides out where I live I get 1.5MB DSL or 3G mobile, so neither is a great option, so I just use the DSL and save on the phone costs.
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    Germany Fires Up Bizarre New Fusion Reactor

    I think it looks more like the Droid Army command ship of the Trade Federation :)
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    Why People Are Giving Up On The Apple Watch

    Yup 48 is feeling pretty old :)
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    Windows 7 PC users refusing to move to Windows 10

    It will take forever for us lol. Honestly we just got rid of our last W3.11 about five years ago and our last W95 three years ago along with about four WNT computers. The upgrade on the one I mentioned in my first post is costing us $8K to replace an XP computer with a W7. :rolleyes:
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    Windows 7 PC users refusing to move to Windows 10

    Fine for a home user maybe, but guess you didn't read my post about what happens when you just upgrade because it's free. If my company upgraded all our computers to W10 tomorrow, we would be shutting the doors a month from now because we would not be able to do any of the work we need to do...
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    Why People Are Giving Up On The Apple Watch

    I agree. I still use my Moto V3 RAZR because I use a phone to make phone calls. If I could make calls from just a watch sized device maybe I would switch to one, and especially if it could be made like a pocket watch. I have never had a need for a phone to do anything more than make a call so...
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    Windows 7 PC users refusing to move to Windows 10

    The XP computer just went down on one of our mass spectrometers in the lab, so we called the vendor about upgrading. Only option is to upgrade to W7 since the software and instrument interface card are not compatible with W8 or W10 and probably won't be for quite some time. While most...
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    Blue Origin: Amazon Successfully Launches, Returns Rocket

    I think they stole the design from Dr. Evil. But on a serious note, with what this just did, it would work perfectly as a way to return to orbit from a Lunar base. This went high enough and fast enough that it could be used to return Lunar astronauts to an orbiting shuttle for return to...
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    Samsung Announces New Flip Phone

    Well, I used to talk to other people in line, but now they are all just phone zombies so I sit and laugh at them :)
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    Best Buy Shows Electronics Aren’t Going To Save Christmas Either

    Financial restriction is truly the problem right now. I live in Kentucky and as some said the cost of living here is low enough we can make due well in that $50k range if you don't get too extravagant. But being single and making $50k I can say that my bring home pay is about $28k per year...
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    Samsung Announces New Flip Phone

    I am currently still using my RAZR that I bought in 2005, just put the third battery in it. Still makes good calls and does all I need a phone to do, make phone calls. I could consider a flip smart phone possibly, but unlike this one in the article, I would rather it didn't have a screen on...
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    Men Wearing Jetpacks Fly Next To Jumbo Jet

    Good thing they didn't drift too far behind the wing tips, the turbulence there would have tossed them around like leaves in a tornado. Takes some guts and skill to even get that close.
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    International Star Wars Trailer Has Unseen Footage

    Luke "Look so old to such young eyes do I" Finn "Oh you have no idea old man" Luke "When 900 years old you are, run so well you will not" yoda laugh Finn "WTF" Luke - wicked Joker laugh Finn - totally confused look Luke - shakes head " Oh the voices! so many voices in my head"