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    running monitors and sub together off pc soundcard

    So one of my klipsch bookshelves is blown yet again. That leaves me to using my Swan monitors again, which means i can't run them with my denon receiver, which means i am stumped on how to use my sub. If i'm using my PC soundcard, which has a channel for a sub, would that works for outputting...
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    3 monitors extended desktop mode

    i have a 6900 series ati and 3 displays 1x Dvi display 1680x1050 1x DP display 1080 1x hdmi display 1080 I want to use all 3 in extended desktop mode. Plan is to plug dp into mini-dp, hdmi into hdmi, and dvi into dvi. Will i have issue? Not looking to do gaming or anything, just...
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    I add a link, and it gives me the recommended tags automatically -- wonderful. Next, i want delicious to automatically show me other links with a similar tag bundle. To me, that is the #1 reason you would use something like delicious. The only way i see to do this now is to look at the link...
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    windows 8 grey login screen

    Any way to change the login screen for windows 8. It is currently an ugly grey -- can't seem to change it.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    holy crap. guess im not getting this keyboard anytime soon
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    COOL what kind of keyboard is that.
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    Google Apps Help

    try this: It claims to have this as a feature: "Entering events in a Google Spreadsheet which are then pushed to Google Calendar and optionally Sites." I was also looking to do something similar at one point. Never got around to testing it...
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    Flash crashes in Firefox

    bleh. I switched to chrome last night -- for what it is worth, it is a better browser. I just dislike how google does aggressive datamining
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    Flash crashes in Firefox

    Everything updated -- Firefox freezes randomly and 40 seconds later flash plugin crashes. I don't expect a solution here, but would be interested to see if anyone else has similar issues. I don't really care to use chromewwdwadawdawdwadwawdaw
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    Replacement battery or whole new laptop

    I have a thinkpad t500 which, while a little on the heavy side, still does the job for me -- with the exception of battery life. The 9cell I bought with it back in 08 gives me only about 1.5 hours. Bought a cheaper 6 cell off Dr. battery and it is just as worthless. New official thinkpad 9cell...
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    Issues with WHS destroying disks?

    Huh? Never heard of an OS eating drives. What is your hardware?
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    metro in the living room - needs tablet companion

    Thanks. Smart glass led me to this broader concept: "Smart glass" - Second screen idea applied to xbox. Last time i tried to use an xbox 360 as an htpc platform i found it too restrictive on which formats i could play. Basic requirements: 1) meta...
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    If Windows 8 fails...

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    metro in the living room - needs tablet companion

    Hi guys, I just got windows 8 installed -- first time using metro. First impression on metro: I like it. It is an appealing visual experience versus the dull point and click experience i'm used to. I can definitely see myself using the mail client, news aggregator, and weather. I don't do...
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    picked up guild wars 2 -- first time mmorpg besides lineage 2 i played ages ago. I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to figuring stuff out -- is there a strategy guide out there that will help me build the best character as fast as possible. like how to build weapons etc. Which items i...