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    Hi Jayteebates,

    I'm interested in the 160GB Intel SSD. Would you sell it separate from the others?

    Thank you,
    Hello Jayteebates,

    I am working on bringing a computer with windows7 x64 pc into NISPOM compliance. And I stumbled on your script. I have a few questions.

    Does the script work on windows 7 x64? And if so, how do I run it? I have copied the first script listed into a notepad and changed the extension to .vbs. But when I run it, I get an error on line 277, char 2, not found error.

    Are there folders/txt files that I need to create manually before running your script? Any help would be apreciated, as after this systme I have to do 6 more. And setting all of the NISPOM settings by hand is a ginormous pain in the butt!

    Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide.
    Jay, i cant PM you but if your interested in GTX 680 lookup JiaCindell on reddit. im tryring to sell one of mine, i dont normally use this website.
    Hey jayteebates, for whatever reason i cannot pm you, is there a bug on these forums regarding that? I wanted to talk about purchasing your e7200
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