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    Researchers are Building a Tiny Drone With No Moving Parts

    Agree with Darunion, science is all about experimentation and innovation. Even if this concept itself never amounts to anything, there might be some concepts that come from this that helps someone else solve a problem with their own innovations that they couldn't get past.
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    Google Rebrands Project Fi and Opens it to More Devices

    Like nightanole said they don't prorate data usage anymore, when I first signed up they still did prorated but gave you a credit back for unused data at the end of the month (none of that "rollover data" crap), now you just get billed per MB as you use the data.
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    LEGO Built a Life Size, Drivable Bugatti From Over a Million Technic Pieces

    Hard to say for sure, some types of adhesive would actually make the pieces more brittle so more prone to breaking with the vibrations. They might have though, as well as using illegal techniques to hold pieces together ("illegal" being ways that might make the pieces impossible to separate...
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    Intel Gags Customers from Publishing Performance Impact of Microcode Updates

    Looking at doing a SFF gaming build, guess all this pretty much cements that I should go with AMD to power the thing.
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    I'm a bit disappointed that 7 months in I already have burn in from the clock and notifications at the top of the screen. After the horrible burn in my GS7 had I now have it set to manual brightness and rarely take it above 50%. I feel like what they did to "dim" the soft buttons at the bottom...
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    Tesla Autopilot Nearly Recreates Fatal Crash

    Except these days so many of the cars have gauges that are as lit up as this one so you can't actually tell a difference between headlights on and off. Hell in my RX-8 the only difference is the gauges go from white to red, but I can see them either way, and that car is 12 years old. In my...
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    Final Fantasy XV for Widows 20% Off

    Damn, I might have to go ahead and refund it on Steam already. I bought it last week so I could get the preload stuff over the weekend.
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    Bitcoin Soars past $15,000, Just Hours after Crossing $14,000

    I know if I was in the market this would probably be about the point I'd cash out, I can't imagine it going much higher without crashing down hard. Of course I probably would have said the same thing a couple years ago as it went from $10 to $100.
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    EA Says People Don’t Really Enjoy Linear Games as Much Today

    EA clearly knows what they're talking about, I mean just look at the flop that is every non-MMO Final Fantasy game, obviously people don't like linear games. (Disclaimer: I haven't played FFXV yet so I don't know how linear that one is)
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    Pokemon Go Players Can't Drive

    You can't do anything in the game if you are going above 15 mph. Pokemon won't spawn, eggs won't hatch, and trying to spin stops just gets you a "try again later" message.
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    Watch a 10-Year-Old’s Face Unlock His Mom’s iPhone X

    He kind of failed at showing it well since the screen went dark immediately but right above the clock is a lock icon, when the Face ID unlocks the phone the lock changes to an open lock.
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    I for one welcome the LG panel if it happens to be better quality than Samsung's in other areas. My 2 XL replaced my GS7 that was just over a year old due to having a pink line down the right side of the screen. When I took it to AT&T the rep said, "Oh this is a common problem that we've seen...
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    iOS 11 Calculator: 1 + 2 + 3 Doesn’t Equal 6

    Apple: "You're doing it wrong, this is a feature."
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    Kids Not Getting Enough Sleep Because of Smart Phones

    Not sure how many phones have it but on my Pixel 2 there's an option to set a data limit. OT: For me it was Tetris on my Gameboy with a flashlight in my mouth. Didn't have the money to get one of those fancy flashlight attachments for the Gameboy.