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    Cisco.ASA.- VLAN on outside interface

    I have looked into this a bit more and the only reason I can see that this is done is so you can easily move the config of the interface to another interface.
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    Cisco.ASA.- VLAN on outside interface

    Yes 5505, I see lots of boiler plate configs this way and was just wondering why. Thanks for your help.
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    Cisco.ASA.- VLAN on outside interface

    Hi, A quick question, why is a vlan created on the outside interface rather than the settings and security level assigned directly to the interface?
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    Bizzare router issue

    What router is it?
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    Cisco ASA, and Secure Servers

    What ASA are you using? Also what is 192.10.0.x and 192.10.1.x used for?
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    cisco commands - logs to check user licence?

    Show local-host Ditch the pix asap and get a 5515 or if budget is tight a 5505. Just keep in mind the 5505 will go end of sale soon I think.
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    Just checking this is correct

    Ok, like I said, thanks for the input. What's with the slightly snide attitude here? Anyway, thanks to everyone who chipped in with advice.
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    Just checking this is correct

    Ok, thanks for the input.
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    Just checking this is correct

    Perfect, that's the answer I needed, thanks. To be honest the issues I had with auto negotiations was 100Mbps connections, thinking back it was always 1841 and 3560s that I had this with as well. This backs up what you said...
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    Just checking this is correct

    Strange you have never come across this then.
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    Just checking this is correct

    So when connecting a switch to a router you guys never set the speed and duplex on both sides? Many many times I have walked into "our internet is slow" or "we have strange issues with failed downloads" it's always been due to the router and switch having a speed and or duplex mismatch when set...
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    Just checking this is correct

    Cisco question I was setting up a 2960s 10G for iSCSI and was told that Cisco do not recommend setting the speed and duplex on each end of anything above 1Gbps. In the past anything like servers, switch to switch, switch to router I have always manually set speed and duplex to stop mismatch...
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    Safe to install Desktop Experience just to run Disk Cleanup?

    This is sounding more like a quick fix to a disk space issue to me.
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    HP ProLiant MicroServer owners' thread

    I still use my 2 for VMware with a qnap nas for shared storage and 16GB of ram in each, it's fine but the cpu is a bit limiting.
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    Looking for a hot swap solution for Work/Personal

    Do you use 8.1 enterprise at work? If so take a look at windows2go