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    The state of VR - Lost it's steam?

    honestly i was interested in the artisan as well but after seeing the index vs the quest i'm going to hold off until something truly epic hits. the artisan and index are both amazing, and the full setup will indeed run about $1000 in a normal world, $1500ish in this current market. but neither...
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    The state of VR - Lost it's steam?

    rfit cv1 owner since launch - recently acquired a quest - vr is [insert long string of amazing things here] i've demoed beat saber to 15 or so people and every single one comes out with the same look on their face *[omg that is what an orgasm feels like] things definitely hit a small slump...
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out sold out immediately...
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    this feels too close to the price of a 2060, not to mention amd has slipped the price of the vega 56 down to match... i'm with polynyc2, who is this card for?
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    HOT: Microcenter LG 32" 144hz 1440p FreeSync / nVidia $349 w/ DP Cable

    i bought this monitor a month or so ago and i'm impressed by it every time i play something, i have tried it with a 1050ti, 580 and 2070 and in all cases i've never saw nor been bothered by tearing or any type of ghosting... it's a VA panel btw
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    2070 worth buying now?

    i am close on the 2070 myself... i think i'm going to wait - not sure why everyone is super upset about the price. yes it's high but the 970 launch cards were what, 350? and a few years later the launch 1070 founders edition was 450, i know cause i stood in line and bought one... and now, the...
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    I just bought a 1080ti, I'm going to hold out till 2019 for my next GPU, who's with me??

    meanwhile my local microcenter (kansas city) has over 30+ 2080s in stock - i know it's not the Ti, but the demand for these cards doesn't appear to be as universal as everyone is thinking...
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    OnePlus 6

    a good solid phone should be about 200, like the honor 7x... a top of the line phone should be at most... 500+ this $1000 phone nonsense is... nonsense ordered mine about 10 minutes after they went live (usa, ks) - scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, hard to pass up the 8gb 128 for sub $600 -...