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    Sony GDM-FW900 CRT Monitor Brand NEW in BOX

    The distance of the phosphor layer added to the 3d effect for me.
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    Sony GDM-FW900 CRT Monitor Brand NEW in BOX

    yeh Quake on mine was second to none. I miss it but man, new desk every 3 years from bowing. The thing was heavy and buying it along with 3dfx cards did not leave much left for a good desk.
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    Gaming in your 40s

    I am 62 years old and while i do not game as often as i used to, I manage to get some in at least once a week. I love gaming, it was the catalyst for me to move from manufacturing to IT. So in an indirect way, Gaming is the reason that i can earn a good living well into my 70's if I wish. My...
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    Warm: EVGA 3080 12 Gb in stock at $1249- $1299

    I paid 809.00 for my first one and 889.00 for my step up. I then sold that one 6 month or so later for 1650 since i do not mine and folks wanted mining cards. I purchased my next one for just under a grand if memory serves and passed up my step up yesterday. I just cannot justify another 400...
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    Warm: EVGA 3080 12 Gb in stock at $1249- $1299

    I need it drop another 100 or more before my step up expires.
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    Warm: EVGA 3080 12 Gb in stock at $1249- $1299

    Yeh, I want to step up to the 12 gig. i only have 5 days left but its not worth paying the xtra. I payed 889.00 I would pay a grand and half but not 1299 .00 . I guess I will just keep my 3080. I doubt a price drop is in the future. At least not in within 5 days
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    Warm: EVGA 3080 12 Gb in stock at $1249- $1299 Scroll to the bottom. there are a couple of models available.
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    Dell Alienware AW3423DW 34″ QD-OLED 175Hz (3440 x 1440)

    Try the 38 inch version that I am runing, with a 1600 vertical, it makes all of the difference in the world.
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    Good Gaming Chair?

    I have Herman Miller at work and yes , I prefer it for work but the Titan is as good and better for gaming so, Secret labs for home office and play and Herman Miller at the office .
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    Will you upgrade to the S22 ultra?

    My S21 Ulra 5g is good enough for me . I got it free on a fluke. I am good.
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    GPU's and CPU's may become nearly impossible to source soon

    Ask yourself why they have not already invaded and then consider the wild card.... Japan.
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    Screwed by EVGA

    I would love a 3090 but I will wait until the last minute to submit for stepup in the hopes of obtaining next gen.
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    Screwed by EVGA

    Agreed, I passed on the 1.5 k card and waited for the 3080 that I knew would be coming. I actualy placed the order but then got cold feet and canceled. I am glad i did , 2 months later I got notification on my 3080
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    Screwed by EVGA

    And I as well. I got me new card last week. I suspect that you will be hearing from them within the next 2 weeks.