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    46lm LED Headlight w/Battery $6 - For fixing your PC in the dark :D

    Nice i just picked up 2 myself
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    Valve made $750 million last year?

    Wish they would use some of that moeny and upgrade their cs go servers to 128 tick instead of it being 64 =/
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    Newegg's Patent Troll Sale -- July 28th

    Lol let's hope it's better than amazons prime day =)
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    Rocket League

    I just picked it up last night cause some friends have it, it's fun
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I just joined =) i will probably join on my smurfs as well
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I just got to rank 3 and played a game with my nova friends....some people don't know what a smurf is lol
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    CS GO Pro match thread

    Their match with clg on cache was close... 12 3 half and then winning in overtime....
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    CS GO Pro match thread

    Yeah I'm watching it whenever i get a chance to, lets go c9!
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    Lol I saw that KI video live he was too committed to blocking
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    Best Tablet <$400?

    I bought my dad a Tab S 10.1 a couple months ago and he never gets off it, he even takes it to work
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    The greatest keyboard of all time

    lol hella bright i bet
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    Connecting controller to pc

    I'm using a ps3 controller with motion joy so far so good lol
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    PC gaming: speakers vs. headphones

    Being in the living room it does get a little noisy, so headphones just to drown out the sound is nice
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    Gaming Headset, what do you have?

    I am using the exact same, I been with steelseries for as long as I can remember
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    CS GO Pro match thread

    I saw the first map on cache then went to lunch =/