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    supermicro backplane issues

    Hi, Having issues with a supermicro backplane, the only thing I've done was power off the server take out drive to confirm model#. Then placed drive back in powered up server then all of a sudden the backplane isn't being picked up by the M1015.. I've reseated the power connectors placed the...
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    Supermicro SC846 4U JBOD Replacement Fans

    This also piqued my interest as I recently picked up a server from ebay as well. Same PSU as you OP D:
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    [USED] Ultimate File Server - 24 Bay SuperMicro Opteron Servers w/24 Port RAID $299+ regards to this case, can you fit this mobo in it? thinking of purchasing this just due to the case on a future purchase of server parts...
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    X9SCM-F-O Good for 24 drive NAS?

    not to hijack, but curious what RAM brand/model are you using for this mobo Rectal_Prolapse?
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    Was the HDD Crisis Fake? Seems like price will slowly go back to normal, one can hope though...
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    ZFS fileserver/backup build assistance

    Looks like the difference between non-ecc and ecc isn't that huge after all heh, about $100 ish. Possible to recommend one of the following? or if there's another one out there? as well is this ram ok? RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 8GB (2X4GB) DDR3 1333 CL9 240-PIN SDRAM for the other mobo that is...
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    ZFS fileserver/backup build assistance

    Again, thank you all for the advice! Hi diizy regards to the supermicro is it not compatible with the Lian-Li or was it not compatible with the Fractal? Also thanks for the heads up for compatibility! Farkle, how much more would it cost to get a ECC build? I'm willing to consider. as well...
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    ZFS fileserver/backup build assistance

    Hi all, First post, but I've been a lurker around just never got to making an account on the forums. One thing though, I admire most of what you all have in terms of builds hella nice rigs hopefully I can reach those ranks at some point. Anyhow! I plan on making a fileserver and then I'll...