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    The iOS 11 Thread

    I would say iOS 11 is an improvement in performance across the board on my iPhone 6s. I was beginning to experience quite a few slowdowns before upgrading.
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    Mac Pro 5.1 help with OS reinstall

    Huh? Do you have another Mac available? Install macOS to the drive via a separate Mac and external drive bay?
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    Warm? OCZ Intrepid 3700 480GB SATA SSD "Certified Refurb" $90

    I just ordered a brand new crucial BX200 480gb for $99 about three weeks ago... would say the ~500gb deals for new are worth waiting for. Out of the 15 SSDs I've ordered (sandisk, samsung, crucial, intel), I've had 5 fail within a year. The warranty matters.
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    Pioneer Elite VSX-90 @ Best Buy DoTD for $399

    A person who thinks they're going to notice such nuances in an untreated room like that is cray cray
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    Best PC Speakers for gaming $100, not much space

    I would check out the 3" or 5" options from monoprice.
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    Help me pick a speaker for ps4 with optical. Thanks

    Optical in requires digital to analog processing, and likely decoding of surround codecs. In the world of encoded digital audio, optical is now legacy under HDMI. Your PS4 will send significantly more audio data over HDMI. Many brands, such as Onkyo, sell surround sound/home theater kits...
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    Amazon Announces New Renewable Energy Project in Virginia

    It's amazing how being born into a world that is loud, synthesized and polluted desensitizes you from the reality.
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    Amazon Brother Office Product Deals Through 6/13/2015

    "deal price" is confusing as the deal prices seen when clicking the links are ~$30 less. however, thanks for posting!
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    Looking for easy way to batch convert ALAC to AAC/MP3?

    XLD, comparably as handy as VLC. Super fast batch conversions.
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    MacPro1,1 (c.2006) 16GB RAM Upgrade Needs 64bit Win 7 OS?

    Yeah... that guy doesn't know Macs. It's a 64bit machine.
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    Bad Comcast Service? Call The CEO’s Mom

    sometimes you have to tattle
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    Good B/W Laser Printer?

    Sweet! Thanks guys. I guess it was many years ago that Brother was not mac-friendly. Looks like the 2340DW is the successor to the 2270, $137 with high yield toner on Amazon. Will jump on it.
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    Good B/W Laser Printer?

    Like the title says, looking for a solid B/W laser printer that communicates properly with a Mac. I have no personal experience with any and am hoping for the positive experiences of others! Thanks.
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    Need to consolidate - what to do?

    Probably only one or two years before it becomes unsupported.
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    Samsung 840 EVO 120gb in mid-2011 iMac issues

    Yeahhh. I think the drive is defective, sadly. I deployed 5 of these drives this is the only one with such terrible performance. It happens I guess.