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    Tesla Summon+ Feature Is Clearing Regulatory Hurdles and More Tesla News

    Oh I have no doubt that self driving cars will be far superior to humans at some point in the near to mid future. My concern is that the safety of self driving as it stands is being oversold due to comparisons with human drivers on non-equivalent terms. To be only 2x safer when autopilot is...
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    Tesla Summon+ Feature Is Clearing Regulatory Hurdles and More Tesla News

    The crash rate for autopilot actually sounds pretty bad to me compared to non-autopilot. Autopilot: 1 crash per 3M miles. Driving conditions: freeways, divided roads, possibly disabled in extreme weather conditions. Note that miles accumulate much faster on freeways. No autopilot: 1 crash every...
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    HTC Vive Pro Eye and HTC Vive Cosmos HMDs Announced at CES 2019

    Agreed. Specifically eye-tracked foveated rendering is for me one of the pillars of true next gen high end VR. Per my calculations when I was researching foveated rendering tech, with accurate and low latency eye tracking you can actually reduce rendered pixels by a factor of 8 (~12% of full...
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    HP and Razer Tease Laptops with OLED Displays

    You can’t extrapolate existing LCD LED characteristics to MicroLED. It’s different tech. You can say that the black levels should match OLED as the individual “pixels” are self-emissive and can therefore turn off. I’m looking forward to seeing how MicroLED progresses - and hopeful it can be...
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    NVIDIA's First 65-Inch 4K HDR Gaming Display Arrives in February for $4,999

    And the cracks are opening already... Nvidia are now starting to support VRR (automatically for certified displays but can be manually enabled for other VRR screens).
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    NVIDIA's First 65-Inch 4K HDR Gaming Display Arrives in February for $4,999

    The 2019 LG OLED TV’s will have native 120Hz (like previous years models) but with HDMI 2.1 now to support 120Hz input without motion interpolation. They will also support VRR. There are issues with using OLED for gaming/PC use but the image quality and response times are second to none, and...
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    Email Remains the Dominant Form of Work Communication

    Breaking news: Survey conducted in medium claims that medium is most used. STOP.
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    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review @ [H]

    Not just that but Oculus support flat out says they don't support the MSI VR One. A headset I attached refused to display video and their response was that it's not on the certified mobile PC list so it's not supported.
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    NVIDIA White Paper Details Multi-Chip Module GPU Design

    Navi scalable architecture was what I first thought of too when reading this. They already have Infinity Fabric, designed for CPU's and GPU's, working in production silicon (for Ryzen) so will be interesting to see the Navi implementation.
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    Sony: It Will “Probably Be Some Time” before We See PS5

    OP was correct it's HDMI 2.1 (spec here) that includes VRR, which is a variable refresh rate technology based in part on Freesync if I recall correctly. At least it shouldn't require the display side hardware that G-Sync needs so should be a lot more likely for TV manufacturers to support it...
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    PlayStation 4 “Is like a Five-Year-Old PC”

    Screen door effect isn't caused by resolution but space between pixels & subpixel pattern. Low res with large square pixels will look blocky like a chessboard but without any screendoor. Two points: I think he is referring to the type of games experiences that can be created, which aren't...
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    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review @ [H]

    They are indeed used by some VR arcades. Once configured and managed correctly it is liberating to roam untethered. For myself it wasn't worth the overhead of the initial setup needed to launch each time, but then again I do mostly shorter sessions when I'm not doing dev.
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    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review @ [H]

    My plan with this was to set SteamVR to start up automatically on boot so I could run everything from VR. Unfortunately that never worked - I could get SteamVR up but without a non-VR target display I could never get a VR game/app to render properly on the HMD (would launch but display all...
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    Most Powerful iMac Pro Evar - $5000

    They pretty much prove the point. Their system is $313 cheaper but without assembly, different form factor, and some strange component decisions like single channel (!) 32GB EEC RAM. The savings can be made when you don't try to pick the same components as Apple but the ones more suited to your...
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    Most Powerful iMac Pro Evar - $5000

    Next year when third party Thunderbolt 3 controllers are available we could see AMD CPU's in Macs. A high end APU with 16 Zen cores, Vega graphics, and 32GB of HBM2 would be quite astounding. And if you thought Threadripper was bulging... just imagine the size of that package.