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    Intel Launches 8 New Desktop And Mobile CPUs

    Considering a nearly 7 year old OC'ed 920 is still a perfectly valid performance CPU, yes.
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    How Blizzard Turned A Costly Failure Into Overwatch

    I was a beta tester for SWG. Thought it was pretty great actually. Then it released in the summer and was quickly dominated by 14 year olds who had no responsibilities and could play all day while 20 something me had a job and occasionally wished to engage in the ritualistic act of dating the...
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    A New Cartridge-Based Console Is Coming Out Next Year

    There's already a great platform for older games that doesn't have a lot of graphics horsepower. It's called the smartphone. We have a pile of those multigame controllers that plug into the RCA jacks (Atari, Midway, etc). They come out about once a year while the PS4 and Wii get lots of...
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    Man Sues Bethesda Over 'Fallout 4' Addiction

    Sounds like a total tool. I've had the game for 3 weeks and have played about 6 hours. But...job, family, holidays, home projects, other hobbies, and writing a novel. Games CAN be addicting, I get it, but c'mon man...
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    Man Hit By Car While Playing Fallout 4

    Most people with no insurance have zero assets. Can't take what doesn't exist. So good luck.
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    Top 10 PC Games Of 2015

    Been playing Fallout 4. The rest...haven't looked into much. I think Cities: Skylines is on my Steam wishlist and I'll probably get it when it's $5 :)
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    What Is Antimatter? Why It Does Matter?!

    And I just spent 20 minutes learning about Star Trek energy and projectile weapons. Good use of time actually.
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    AMD Achieves Leading Market Share for Thin Clients long last we found something that both IT departments and Weight Watchers don't want to have.
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    Sex Ads 'Irresponsibly Placed' In Smartphone App For Kids

    So...just like staying up late and watching "chat line" commercials waaaay back in the 20th century.
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    AOL To Cut 100 Jobs

    Funny that's how old my webmail address is too. I still have a Hotmail address from that era but probably haven't checked it since 2005 or so :rolleyes:
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    George Lucas On His Decision To Break Up With Star Wars

    Let's face facts here. Lucas took a garbage genre (sci-fi in the 70s), used revolutionary lighting and special effects (for the time), and put a real A+ soundtrack in. When you boil it all down that's what Star Wars is. To those of us who lived the hype it was AMAZING. To the kids coming up...
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    Windows Turns 30 Today

    Was too busy figuring out my C64 and playing Bard's Tale, Adventure Construction Set, and Phantasie to worry about yuppie business machine software like Windows.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Not from 1973. But could have been...
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    6 Wheel Drone That Delivers Groceries By Land

    Well now we know what those little robots scuttling around the Emperor and Darth Vader were all about.
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    Amazon Responds To New York Times Article

    It would mean more to me if it weren't freakin' Jay Carney.