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    intel x25 m speed

    I got a new intel x25 m 80gb today. I just did a benchmark on the SSD. In HDTUNE, it only read at max: about 180, min about 135, average 178. It is normal for the SSD? I saw some benchmark in different SSD review site, the speed can reach about 250 for read speed?
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    Corsair H50 on sale this week at Best Buy

    picked one from bestbuy. The temp of the cpu is great with corsair h50!!
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    P5E-VM HDMI Memory Problems

    I also use ballistix memory and it work really good in this mobo imo. I had tried corsair and ocz memory but I think crucial memory is the best.
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    Antec P180 mini question.

    I had a antec p180 mini case and I wanted to get a new cpu heatsink. Does anyone know if the cooler master v8 will in the case? Which heatsink is good?
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    ASUS Rampage II X58 mATX ETA ...

    Although I don't have that case, from the picture, I see that everything are really close to each other. The air flow inside the case is really bad IMO
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    HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 3G quad band US version!! condition: Brand new; only used for one day!! payment: paypal CC accepted Price: 380 shipped via USPS w/ Delivery conformation and insurance OBO REF: ebay hk09-2007
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    zalman CNPS 8700 question.

    Hi. I currently have a zlaman 7500ALCU cooler but I am overclocking my cpu. The temp of the cpu is about 55c. Is the zalman 8700 better than 7500ALCU?
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    Overclocking problem...

    When OC it to 3.15GHZ and ran the prime95, it would get an error within 2 sec. If I set it back to default setting and ran the prime95, it would still get an error within 1 min. What is the problem???
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    Asus P5E-VM HDMI: best matx ever?

    I am wondering why are getting a matx mobo and you have atx case??
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    Asus P5E-VM HDMI: best matx ever?

    which brand of ram is good for this motherboard because I wanted to OC my cpu??
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    WARNING: Live cashback no longer available at NEWEGG!

    there are other cashback site such as which has 2% cash back which the same as before( change the cash back for few day ago)
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    Overclocking problem...

    Try to OC to 3.2 again and didn't work.When I start the system, it doesn't have the "beep" sound and just blank.
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    Overclocking problem...

    Thankx for you help!! Do you think corsair dominator ram is better than the xms2 but I heard people saying it is just the same thing except it had different cooler??
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    Overclocking problem...

    zalman 7500 alcu
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    Overclocking problem...

    I am using corsair xms2 memory.