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    Vertical GPU mount

    looks good a bit of sag did they include padded shims? Here's mine
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    Nvidia Drivers 457.51 Dec. 2nd

    max framerate setting doesn't stay enabled resets to off every reboot.
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    AOC 34" CU34G2X 144Hz UW $438 | Amazon

    Freesync works perfect I have 2 of the C24G1 displays and a RTX 2060 Super FE and works fantastic.
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    Gtx 1660ti is Turing not pascal just no RTX cores.
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    Yeah obviously cause it’s some kind of issue with his GTX 1660 TI once we disabled it rebooted the system at all his games worked fine but Final Fantasy was definitely messed up from it I haven’t had the chance to test on my system yet is mine hasn’t gotten a new Windows update but I have an RTX...
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    So scheduling on with my sons 1660ti and freesync monitor turns Final fantasy 14 into a slide show turn scheduling off reboot and the game is smooth as can be.
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    What Benchmark Software for Gaming --CPU Heat Levels?

    Destiny 2 is free to play and will load up a system really good.
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    3700X: High Temp Underloaded...

    Check paste and AIO mounting this is mine with a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Black.
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    I need Freesync display for Xbox One X and Nvidia GPU

    Looking for a not too expensive 1080P Freesync display that will work with Xbox One X and my GTX 1060Ti GPU. Been looking and a little confused I know the Xbox needs Freesync thru HDMI and the GPU Need it thru Display port so the monitor has to do both. Not looking to spend a ton size between...
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    All Digital Xbox One S Could Launch May 7

    People knocking this are the same ones that praise digital streaming and netflix saying things like Blu-Ray is dead.
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    The End of Blu-ray

    I read this and think 2 things. 1. Samsung Players have always been garbage every time I've tried one. 2.they need to stop including the regular BR disc with 4K ones and lower the damn prices.
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    So I upgraded from a 1060 6GB to a 1660 Ti...

    thanks son just bought one to replace his 1060 and seeing this before it arrives this week is awesome
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    So I can soon scoop up a 1080 soon for a great price right?
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    Analyst: 66% of Console Players Still Prefer Physical Games over Digital

    Destiny 2 is a code in a box on PC. I buy all games my son and i play on console digital since game sharing is a thing.