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    Nook Color Question

    Unfortuantely, not at this time, if ever. I suspect that B&N want to have some exclusive content that is only availble for the native Nook Color app, not "Nook for Android" app. Otherwise, why make the Nook Color when you could just promote someone else's Android tablet in your store, like...
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    Nook Color Question

    I have one of these and I've set it up with CM7 Nightly with OC kernal on the eMMC (not using the SD boot method). When you use the method that uses the ClockWork restore mod, it'll have a an opportunity for you to create a backup of the existing BN 1.2 OS. IF you do that, you can always...
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    iPad 2 GPU benchmarks, destorys Xoom Tablet

    Love my Nook Color. Nice that one can boot off the miniSD to test out Honeycomb, or the earlier Gingerbread and not have to replace the original OS of the device so that warranty coverage is still present.
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    Just got the Nook Color. In one word...Awesome

    I also love my Nook Color. I'm not actually rooted as the new 1.2 software upgrade is doing what I need at this time. I'm also watching the BN App store to see how that progresses. Best part is that as the device boots from the miniSD slot, I've been trying the CM7 Gingerbread to also...
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    OOMA da bomb!

    +1 for Ooma. Although I picked up the Ooma Telo instead. Really happy with the quality as well.
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    Am I over-using my router?

    Just curious.. While the Ooma is supported behind your router, the recommendation is to have it between your ISP's modem and your own router. I.e. ISP modem -------> Ooma (internet) | Ooma (home network) ------------------->WRT54G. The Ooma peforms it's own QoS that is active only...
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    Anybody use MagicJack?

    +1 for Ooma. I'd picked one up from my local Costco and I"ve ported my home phone number over to it. I've been very satisfied and can recommend it too.
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    Antec 600 (Chinese website)

    Not only did I like it, but I bought it. The larger fans can spin slow and are not that loud, much quiter than my older all aluminum case with 90mm fans. That and my CPU's temp dropped during OC from 52C max to 47C.
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    Q6600 vs i7 920

    Frankly, I'm amazed about the arguing going on here. As I had understood from the original poster, who neglected to let us know if $ is a factor, if upgrading from a Q6600 to an i7 would be a good upgrade. As many pointed out, without getting mean, the i7 does have a nice boost on several...
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    Q6600 vs i7 920

    Sorry folks, both your Q6600 and i7 is totally PWNED by my iPhone! And Yes that is with Adobe Photoshop for the PC as well :) Seriously, I'm mocking and yet I'm completely honest. I can run your Photoshop on my iPhone and outrun your system. :) How.... WIth the Citrix iPhone...
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    HSF for Q6600?

    I love my OCZ Vendetta 2 HSF combination. Like the Xigmatek it uses direct heat pipe interface to the CPU. The product ocassionally shows up for sale less than the Xigmatek (was when I purchased it), so keep an eye open. Here's an interesting review where they stack it against both an...
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    ATI Killing Nvidia: Nvidia say Q4 of fiscal 2009 expected to decline 40 to 50 percent

    I think you have hit the market that will be what carries both vendors forward for a while, however don't count nVIDIA out yet. While ATI is doing very well here in terms of the Wii for example, yet the graphics are nothing to jump around about. Xbox 360 does use ATI as well but does not...
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    Zune 3 Software

    What do you think of the games feature? I'm really looking forward to additional game titles. With all the new features tacked on, it's really a great competition to the iPod nano.
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    iPod classic vs. The Competition

    Love my Zune! The quality of the sound is amazing and the features (including wireless access to Marketplace, tagging songs for purchase after hearing them on the RDS FM tuner, etc..) When the word gets out about the features of the Zune since 3.0 of the software, Apple better watch out.
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    Beat me to posting the link. You may want to edit the topic so that casual browsers see it's related to the Amiga.