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    RAID 0 x8 older SSD... worth it?

    Yup you both sound about exactly right, kinda why I was both curious and at the same time "eh?" I have some spare hardware lying around in the garage but not raid cards. sinisterDei - do you have sff cables for those cards? If so PM me what you would want for a card + the cables. I think I...
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    RAID 0 x8 older SSD... worth it?

    I have a handful of Sandisk x300 128 SSD's from ewaste pulls. I was thinking of buying a used older raid card with cache and throwing 8 of them in raid 0 to play with. Would the assumed possible performance of something like this be even worth it vs a modern drive on an M.2 or even sata III...
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    Recommend an inexpensive but reliable (obviously) PSU for 8x SATA drives

    The PSU in my 26 TB box (8x 4TB RAID 6) died. I require a replacement. The MB is some cheapo MSI micro ATX. I believe the raid controller is an older areca 188X. Need a solid inexpensive meat n potatoes PSU where the biggest requirement is the 12v SATA rail(s). Previously used a bunch of y...
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    Logitech G602 $22.99 @ Best Buy

    All of those macro buttons seem overkill / might get in the way but my brain is old / primitive. Might consider tho based on your recommendation as I have considered the M510 as the cornerstone of wireless mice for about a decade now. Thanks.
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    New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details surfaced!!!

    Since I was expecting the original stalker to be more like a traditional FPS I got frustrated with it at first (think dgz's post) Dying was just stupid easy without a tip toe / surviavalist approach. I also didnt feel there was enough direction provided by the game. But thats eventually what...
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    4A Games Logo

    I guess I see it. Not that impressed. Thanks :)
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    New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details surfaced!!!

    Since you mention it, Im surpried how bad Metro Exodus performs even on decent hardware. Its almost a "but will it run Crysis" scenario.
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    4A Games Logo

    Okay I guess Im just stoopid - can someone explain the 4A Games logo to me? (as in what is the first shape (irregular pentagon) representing - assuming a "4" but how so?)
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    New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details surfaced!!!

    Very excited for this. The original S.T.A.L.K.E.R series and popular mods (Lost Alpha, CoP Misery, Call of Chernobyl etc.) are some of my best memories of single player gaming. Would be great to see (and hoping/expecting) for modders to re-create the original series on this updated engine.
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    hot: lian li pc-o11 dynamic white $111.99 with FREE "lian li cable strimer 24 pin cable"

    Lian Li - almost forgot about them, havent had one of those since my PC-7N waaaay back in the day. (since marriage and kids I dont get to have much fun anymore) That case is sick... but the crooked Ryzen sticker is driving me NUTS!
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    DOOM ETERNAL Announced with Trailer

    The thing I disliked about 2016 (and looks like this too) was lack of option for at least a little bit of head bob. Felt like doom guy was floating in the air.
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    Office 2019 Is Now Available for Windows and Mac

    perpetual licensing does not allow you to "own" anything, just the right to use it.
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    China Stealing US Tech

    Here for the /s band-wagon And in other news, the sky is sometimes blue.
  14. hardware_failure Shut Down by FBI

    Underage sex, trafficking, rape etc etc = all bad things. The real reason the FBI did this is.... money. Yes, money. Billions of dollars are lost (not collected) every year due to the fact that prostitution is not taxed from either end of the trick. When myredbook got taken down (northern...