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    Hackers Claim Officials Used Backdoor Trojan

    I always cringe when I read blog posts where authors trying to write good sentences. ...bazinga.
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    150 Human-Animal Hybrids Grown in UK Labs

    Soooo...everyone here does understand that they are basically arguing over an article from a tabloid on par with National Enquirer, right?
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    Random [H] Sighting

    9 displays. 3 with content, 6 for ads.
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    Gabe Newell Interview

    tl;dr: There is no mention of a real Episode 3 release date.
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    What Effect Has the Internet Had On Our Sex Lives?

    My SO doesn't have to 'find' my stash, she knows exactly what drive it's on and what the 'super secret' folder name is. Just this past weekend she asked me to set aside a folder and put some of my favorite content in it so she can come up with some ideas. So yes, I agree with this article...
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    Random [H] Sighting

    I do this all the time when I go to a Verizon/Apple/Best Buy/[electronics store name here] store. is just an easy, quick URL to type and the page loads pretty quickly and reliably, so it's a nice test of the devices browser and connection speed :)
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    Another Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple

    My Droid X has hit the ground no less than 3 times - twice while getting out of the car (one time it landed glass-down) and once yesterday from my bathroom counter right onto the tile floor (it hit RIGHT on the corner and even bounced). Glass is completely fine. Only damage is a few small...
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    OpenLeaks Launches New Secret-Spilling Site

    Good. We need transparency. If the government won't do it, it's up to the people to do it.
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    USB Plug For Idiots

    All those people blasting this idea for being "for lazy and stupid people" must not ever try to blindly plug a USB cable/device into the back of a computer that sits under a desk and up against a wall...
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    What is your PC Game of the Year?

    Other: MINECRAFT!
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    60,000 Chrome OS Netbooks Shipped to Google

    No, it doesn't sound right. It's 2.57 netbooks per employee.
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    Groupon Turns Down Google’s Takeover Bid

    As a Google shareholder, I say "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". Why the hell does Google need Groupon? I suppose I could understand it as a defensive move, but 6 billion sounds like a LOT to take a very easily-copied service off the table for Google's competitors. Google, take your 6 billion and go buy...
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    GameStop Details a Bright Future with DLC

    And this is why I drive the extra 20 minutes to buy all my games at my local Microcenter rather than the Gamestop that is 4 blocks from my house.
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    Why You Are a Pawn in Facebook vs. Google

    Am I the the only one who thinks that it's kinda sad that Facebook is considered "one of America's most important web companies"? Big? Yes. Important? Not really...
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    MS Crossing the Line by Pushing Security Essentials?

    I've been avoiding MSE simply because MS-provide software can usually be replaced with something far better (IE -> Chrome, MediaPlayer -> VLC, etc) and I figured that MSE would be more of the same, but seeing all these endorsements by [H] forumgoers is making me consider switching from AVG Free...