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    Project: Queen of Blades

    Lot of tubing going around
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    Chrome Gigabyte G1 Gaming Velox Project

    Sub for Sexy chrome finish
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    | LUMO |

    I love the green detail work. Look amazing.
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    Acer XB270HA 27", 1080p, g-sync, 144Hz

    Patiently waiting for Free Sync
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    ASUS PB279Q - 4k 60hz 5ms g2g - Mid December

    I tend to prefer bigger monitor at higher resolution. 4k with 27 inch is just too small IMO
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    Would you buy curved monitor instead of flat?

    Curved for me. It looks sexy too.
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    Is this Direct CU 290x fan supposed to be bent?

    Does it make any noise? If you dont mind the downtime then set up a RMA. If it doesnt make any unusual noise at high speed then you are just fine.
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    Still Impossible to Play 4k

    The problem is memory to run those high resolution Screen. Yours GTX 660SLI only have 2 GB so running it on 4k wouldnt be optimum at all. GTX 970 sli doesnt do 4k justice either, I a currently running 2xR9 290x and 4k tv but barely play any game at ultra high settings at all. So I am returning...
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    Recommendations for gaming monitor

    I owned both BenQz and Asus model. From my experience, I would prefer the BenQ over the Asus due to better color and smoother gaming.
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    Laptop Duel -- Can't Decide between Yoga 2 Pro / Lenovo Y40

    Yoga2 Pro has my vote. You want something light, portable with long battery life for long trip. And it is at great price too.
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    Alienware 13 Graphics Amp Unboxing

    Looking forward to the results
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    Looking for tablet for my wife

    I would get Samsung Tab 4 due to you already have another Samsung. So it would make use of all your android program and other samsung features. Eventhough FireHD is great tablet but it is bulky compare to Samsung Devices.
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    Official LG Curved Ultrawide 34UC97 thread

    I would like to know the secret as well
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    Project: Building a better mistake

    Subed for another X99 build