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    GPE S4 or Nexus 4?

    I agree with this. You can fully convert an AT&T One to a GPe One as well if you get bored with Sense after a while.
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    Motorola Droid MAXX

    I'm not sure about the overall score, but I would rate the Moto X display a 6 or 7. If it was 1080p, I would give it an 8, and if it was 1080p and had more accurate whites and less saturated colors, i would give it a 10, or maybe a 9 depending on other aspects. Actually, if the Moto X had a...
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    Thinking about switching back to an iPhone, am I the only one?

    I've owned an HTC Aria, Samsung Captivate, HTC Inspire, Samsung Infuse, LG Thrill, and Samsug Galaxy S II. The only time I ever got an official update was when the Captivate got Froyo. Oh, and the Galaxy S II went from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6, but that was just a point release, which made the phone...
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    Lumia 900 is now AT&T's exclusive Company-Use Phone

    Though they saved a few bucks by going with a non-curved screen and not including headphones and a case in the box. My guess is $550.
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    Lumia 900 - Q&A :)

    Have you compared the camera to a Lumia 800 with the 12070 update? My 800 with the 12070 update seemed to be taking as good or better pictures than the 900s I played with. Before that I owned a Titan, which was lighter and thinner. The 900 is definitely a brick, but heavy phones don't bother me...
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    Lumia 900 - Q&A :)

    I messed around with a couple 900s at SXSW. The camera is no better than the 800. The phone is pretty big and heavy too.
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    Thinking about switching back to an iPhone, am I the only one?

    I've owned nearly every high end Android phone on AT&T, a Titan, and a Lumia 800. It pains me to say it, but I'm rocking an iPhone 4S at the moment. I would say iPhone 4S > Lumia 800 > Titan > Galaxy S II and every other Android phone on AT&T. The only phones that might pull me away from the 4S...
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    AT&T WP7 for $0.01 on 11-26-11

    The Windows Phone maps app is decent. It's their navigation that's really lacking. Microsoft is giving everyone who buys a Windows Phone a $25 app card right now. Going to use mine to buy Navigon probably. You can also sideload Nokia Drive if you're cheap and don't mind the basicness of it...
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    HTC Rezound (or HTC vigor)

    This guy must have missed the MHz race of the early 2000s when we learned that higher clock speed doesn't mean faster.
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    Wanna get a smart phone, help out an old man

    Newegg is selling it too.
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation for T-mobile?

    I usually prefer HTC software, but TouchWiz 4 isn't as repulsive as TouchWiz 3 and dare I say actually quite good. Also, every HTC phone I've owned has had awful audio quality (both speaker and headphones) and a relatively poor camera. No one can deny that the GS2 has a better looking screen...
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    AT&T "4G" phones are actually runing HSPA, aka 3TG

    T-Mobile does the same thing. Their MyTouch 4G is only HSPA with no +. At least the Infuse that came out today is a true HSPA+ device. Whether AT&T's network can offer legit HSPA+ speeds in your area is another story, but I've seen some screenshots of Infuses pulling 10-12 Mbps down so clearly...
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    Droid X 2 gonna have a DC proc...say it ain't so!

    Atrix? AT&T, Motorola, dual core, been available for a while, disappointment.
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    Need a new phone for ATT

    Inspire is awesome. Yeah, the Atrix will get better battery life, but after using both I went with the Inspire. Tons of awesome ROMs for it and definitely doesn't feel slower than the Atrix despite the older hardware. Cheaper too.
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    FireFox 4 Mobile for Android !

    Opera Mobile is the shiz. Scrolls about as smooth as an iPhone on my Inspire and supports text reflow, full screen, and Flash.