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    DIY external M2 Nvme Case decisions.

    One of the problems you might have is that a M.2 TB enclosure connected with USB-C won't work on a PC that doesn't have a TB port. Unless someone knows of an enclosure that falls back to USB 3 if the PC doesn't support TB?
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    Who here is keeping their 3 series and skipping 4 series nV cards?

    I just got a 3070TI. The 4080 is too expensive and frankly nothing I do really needs the power. Will probably keep it until the 5000 series.
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    4K Monitor question

    Windows 11 does allow you to set a custom display scale if you click on Scale to open a submenu instead of selecting from the drop down. Unintuitive interface...
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    Fall is here

    Is that a high of 76 and a low of 30? Where do you live?
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    Open Source Cloud Software

    I have not installed it personally but I have accessed and used others Owncloud. They have a free community edition that seems feature complete or enterprise if you need support.
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    Is Windows 11 really bad?

    Its fine.
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    How much does the SSD matter for gaming?

    It depends on the game. The more modern the game is the more likely it makes a difference. Due to ever increasing texture sizes and higher levels of detail new games are 100+GB and that information has to be loaded in real time. For example, Star Citizen is practically unplayable on a magnetic...
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    Where are the cheap home 2.5G switches?

    II was going to pull up a counter example so I went into my Amazon orders.... and saw that I paid $130 for mine. Why did I do that...
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    Surface Pro

    I have a Surface Pro 8. It is a great little device if you want a fully functional windows device in a tablet form factor. You don't have to worry about programs being "battery managed" and closed in the background. Although it is expensive I suggest getting the surface pro signature keyboard as...
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    Let's talk side displays!

    Disappointing yes, but nothing some 3M dual lock can't solve.
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    2FA Authentication for SSH in FreeBSD using FIDO Webinar

    One item of note, in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file if you set it to AuthenticationMethods publickey,keyboard-interactive:pam (note the comma) you can require both key AND 2FA. I have my server set up to require key+2FA or password+2FA. You can even require a password, 2FA, and key if you wanted.
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    2FA Authentication for SSH in FreeBSD using FIDO Webinar

    In a similar vein I have recently used the two articles below to enable 2FA for Debian SSH logins:
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    Let's talk side displays!

    I have a no name 1920x1080 13.3" portable monitor that I bought for this purpose a few years back. It fits a VESA mount on back so I just connected it to another set of monitor arms and use it as a side monitor next to my main. It works well for my usage - normally I put chat or movies on it...
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    Data Merge & Combine Operation Costing

    I agree with LukeTbk - Make sure you are using software that doesn't halt on errors. I usually use FreeFileSync or Robocopy for that type of task which also lets you resume if it gets halted part way.