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    Can you get epics and legendaries from arena packs or only from purchased packs? I haven't gotten a ton but so far I've only gotten rares from arena packs and haven't purchased any.
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    Steam Halloween Sale 10-29->11-1

    Any chance The Wolf Among Us will be 50% off if I wait until the xmas/holiday sale? I was planning on buying it anyway so I might just go ahead and do it now at 10% off. Almost tempted to buy 7th guest and 11th hour and play through them again. I remember really enjoying them the first time...
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    Torchlight 2

    I'm not sure the easiest way to find the answer to this so I'll just ask here. If I have a slow weapon in my main hand is there any benefit to having a fast weapon (claw) in my offhand or is attack speed only determined by main hand weapon?
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    Torchlight 2

    Maybe this is common knowledge but apparently passive skill spells (like treasure hunter) don't do you any good when you make your pet learn them. Wish I had known that before I made my pet learn treasure hunter IV.
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    Torchlight 2 - Rares and Legendaries - Images

    I got a pretty cool unique socketable last night...i'm lvl 41 but for some reason the object is lvl 1. called lens of something or another and in armor it gives 2% chance to heal 100% health whenever I get hit or in weapons it gives 1% chance to heal 100% health every time I hit something.
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    Torchlight 2

    I'm sure others can give a better answer but i'm 15 hours in and just started act 3. I believe act 4 is a bit shorter so probably 20-25 hours game time for a single playthrough (i'm on normal difficulty and taking my time).
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    What games have you stopped playing because of severe bugs?

    Pac Man after the 256th level. :D
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    no mention of nerfing cybertech ship mods which I only noticed because I FINALLY managed to get the materials to craft my first piece of grade 2 ship armor last night which granted 3000 armor and blasts did 3 damage each when I equipped it last night. Today that is down to 2100 armor with the...
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    My only complaint so far, and maybe it's just my server although I tried to pick one with high population, is that the game seems nearly empty. I was on taris for an hour last night and didn't see a single other player. I'm sure some places are more crowded but that's pretty rediculous.
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    This is probably a simple question but sometimes the in game info is lacking. I am currently lvl 12 and have a slicing skill of around 33. I came across a few electronic safes today (slicing node) but when i tried clicking on them nothing happened. Is this because my slicing skill is not...
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    Trine 2

    I'm only halfway through and while FOR ME the game is definitely worth $15 based on the number of hours it will take to finish, I agree about most of the comments in the post above. I really feel like I'm using the wizard to "skip" a lot of obstacles rather than actually solving them. And...
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    The Unofficial Hard Arcade Game and Pinball thread.

    I currently have 4 pins. No Fear, Demolition Man, Lord of the Rings, and Paragon. My brother had a Pengo arcade a while back that I really wish he hadn't sold.
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    Trine 2

    Probably break down and pay $15 for this since I have nothing to play now and after xmas I'll have skyrim and SW-TOR to keep me occupied. I'm sure it will be cheaper soon, but I also know I'll get $15 worth of gameplay out of it.
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    Sega is renewing a "beloved IP"

    I just wish they'd finally release the 8 player Pengo arcade they demo'd a few years ago. But yeah, toejam and earl was great!
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    Steam sale has begun! 1 PM EST 11/23!

    Alice: Madness returns is the cheapest I've seen it at $14.99.....think it will go below that during this sale?