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    Tabs vs spaces

    once i found out i could have my editor map my tab key to insert 2 spaces, i didn't care about tabs vs spaces...
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    What would you use something like this for?

    VyOS is a good suggestion... rolling your own linux router/switch ok too.. i would want to know what kind of NICs those are...
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    Hosting apache2 server locally

    you can pay like $2.50/mo for a VPS from vultr that would be way better than a rpi on your home connection... feel free to use my referral code :P
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    Home Security

    you don't want wifi security cameras
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    HAWT: Micca MB42X-C Speaker (Refurb) $49.99 each

    i think i may have got the last one... only one left... been needing to grab a center to finish out my system... only thing left is to replace my sub...
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    I don't know if this is the right area to ask this.

    totally not interchangeable... i found this post super confusing... much better to refer to it as "powerline networking" and there is no real industry standard, that's what's so obnoxious about powerline networking... i know ubnt was looking at providing a robust powerline networking solution...
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    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    This question is probably discussed monthly, someone should really do a sticky
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    Hax and firewalls?

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    The Supply of Steam Link Hardware Is Almost Gone

    anybody know of anyone hacking these and putting android on them or something?
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    Dealing with users who avoid screensaver/lock screen?

    internet filtering should probably be minimal, i'm ok with blocking ads at the workplace, as they're a big attack vector for malware... but you're probably right, when management wants to talk about blocking social media or other time wasters, a lot of times i push back... if you feel like your...
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    Dealing with users who avoid screensaver/lock screen?

    All technical solutions to a non technical problem. I would spend 0 time on this subject and go straight to HR to report policy violations, if there is no policy you should get one made And if HR doesn't care then you shouldn't care
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    Bluetooth Amplifier Board: D3116 50 watts x 2 starting at $7.80 shipped

    This thread made me think of Kind of want to build one of these
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    MONOPRICE Early Black Friday Sale

    excluded products:
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    Help me build a Professional Home Network.

    i'd get 6a for if 2.5g or 5g ever end up taking off... and i thought shielding was built in to the 6a spec... although i've seen 6a that are unshielded, do these really meet the spec? basically, the only real way to make your home future proof is to run smurf everywhere.... that's what i'd...