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    Upcoming Chromium Update Could Make Ad Blockers Less Effective

    If you care about privacy at all it is better to use some other browser anyway.
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    Steam Accused of Objectifying Women after Approving Uncensored Porn Game

    OK, sure, it is definitely objectification, but it is also a game and I believe MOST people can distinguish between a game and reality. The same for movies and books to some degree. I'd rather see young adults getting their kicks from a game than the alternative... If you want your children...
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    Graphics Card Prices Expected to Drop in July

    In all honesty, if it has lasted a year its probably going to last a few more. Replace the fan and you're good.
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    Blizzard Relents to Years of Fan Pressure with World of Warcraft Classic

    Everyone remembers the "good old days" but nobody would be very happy going back most likely. WoW evolves for a reason.. added gameplay, features, and most people like and expect those. Nevertheless, I think classic servers are a great idea if only to remind people where we've come from. I'm...
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    Warning of “Ecological Armageddon” After 75% Plunge in Insect Numbers

    It's cool to be flip and funny, but you guys aren't seeing the big picture. We're talking global ecosystem collapse. Starvation of all species (at this rate) probably around a decade or so from now. Assuming the numbers are correct of course. I think I would rather drown or freeze. :-/
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    First Android Wear 2.0 Devices Revealed

    I use the cheap Martian Notifier watch. It is handy to know you're getting email or text messages and a brief message on the watch with details. I also get bank confirmations for purchased items - nice to know you're not getting overcharged or something perhaps. It's more convenient than...
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    Japanese White-Collar Workers Are Already Being Replaced By Robots

    How much money will be saved in the long run when taxes start going up to support the unemployed? Or when nobody can buy the products because they have no money?
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    NASA, FEMA Hold Asteroid Emergency Planning Exercise

    This probably should be done for every major city. If not for asteroids, then NBC attacks. Between terrorists, Russia, and China, it's likely inevitable at some point. I also believe we should reinvest in bomb/fallout shelters as we did back in the cold war. Call them survival centers or...
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    Freakishly Lame Microsoft Recruiting Letter of the Day

    I'm 50 and a former IT manager. Somebody would have been in my office fidgeting while I gave them a long hard blank stare. Then I would ask "Did you sample the drank??"
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    Intel CEO: Most People Only Replace A PC After 5-6 Years

    As a former IT manager - desktops and laptops were usually replaced every 3 years.. 1/3rd every year. Though that could probably be safely doubled now with modern machines once you have the basic processor, storage, and memory needs met. At home.. well, other than video cards most everything...
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    Crazy Hi-Tech Elevated Bus Concept

    I did not read the article but it could perhaps be economical if it fit the width of the one way side of a road/highway and then either went above or below the highway to allow people on or off. This would eliminate collision other than height - a strict height limit would need to be enforced...
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    Cortana Will Now Only Work With Edge And Bing On Windows 10

    I remember a time when monopoly laws actually meant something. Sad how things have changed.
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    Oculus Reacts To Virtual Reality Privacy Questions

    Locking in the user base before admitting the bad news.
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    New iPad Pro To Start At $599

    I have an iPad 2 Air and can't see any compelling reason to get a "Pro" version. This one does everything I need just fine. On the subject of tablets, I am finding them useful. I can watch Netflix and PS Vue wherever I am relaxing in the house or read books or texts. The tablet is pretty...