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    Texting While Driving is Bad, Doctors Agree

    This thread gave me a nice laugh but... this totally makes sense.
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    Project: PrometheusCu

    Wow at one point in time I wanted to attempt a mod this detailed and intense but I do not have the knowledge time or patience with something this involving. Good luck! I'll keep my eye on this for sure
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    World of World of War Craft. LMAO!

    haha yea the onion news rocks =D
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    Office Space…In A Box

    I dont think this idea is retarded. It is definitely not for every application that's for sure, but surely there are specific applications this could be useful for. Like someone said earlier, maybe for like emergency situations whether it be through the military or maybe medical. Maybe certain...
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    Wired vs Wireless mouse? What's your vote & why?

    wired = hassle free
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    Smell-Phone Patented, May Be Available in 2 Years

    hmmm... what does it send smells with? the article gives the dumbest reason for why there is a market for a phone like this, but what do i know?
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    Best game you ever played?

    RPG Elder Scrolls: Morrowind RTS Total War Series Multi FPS Quake 3 (countless hours playing this game) Single FPS FEAR Close Runner-ups KOTOR TF2 Portal
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    Researchers Show Off Laser-Guided Robot

    Haha yea what the hell ^^
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    Project: Zero Eight

    Wow I absolutely love how well thought out the tubing is. Looks amazing
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    Corsair VX550W vs. Corsair HX520W @ [H]

    Nice review. This definitely makes me proud that I got my HX520 almost a year ago. I love my PSU :)
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    Weighted Companion Cube case

    looking great. subscribed ;)
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    Good Multiplayer Games?

    I still play quake 3 as well. Most of my best online moments have been with this game...
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    AGP club

    I built a new PC about 2 months ago with a 8800gts but my agp x1950pro is still running in my brother's PC
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    Good 120mm Fans.

    I've tried my fair share of 120mm fans. I had 2 globalwin fans a while back. Probably the best I've ever used. Sadly i broke 1 of them and the other i used for a system build for my brother. I definitely recommend these.
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    Is my RAM what's holding back my performance?

    I agree with selling the 2x512mb sticks. Getting 2x1gb sticks of DDR2 is so cheap now... around $100