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    Fractal Design Gallery

    Finally got my wife's CableMod GPU cable and last few fans, and the machine is... complete. Fractal Design Vector RS. So much heavier than my previous all-aluminum LL, but a nice case.
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    Since [H] shut down, where do you go for PSU reviews?

    Awesome! I love PSU reviews, happy to hear we’ll see more.
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    Since [H] shut down, where do you go for PSU reviews?

    That’s fair. Does he own all that personally?
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    White PSU Options

    I’ve read Corsair stuff should start showing up within the next week or two.
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    Since [H] shut down, where do you go for PSU reviews?

    No PSU reviews since last October, though. What’s up with that?
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    Looking for a case manufacturer from 15-20 years ago

    Thanks! A thread I found here said Abee was founded by former employees of WS!
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    Looking for a case manufacturer from 15-20 years ago

    Does anyone remember this Japanese? company in the early aughts that made aluminum computer cases? They were beautiful and colorful, and incredibly expensive. Not Lian Li. Thank you!
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    Off-Contract Verizon phone to replace Gnex

    My wife got a Note 2 earlier this year and loves it. I don't use it much but I've definitely gotten used to the screen size. If resolution is a potential stumbling block, I suggest checking one out in person. I can personally tell the pixels apart. Not at a glance, but if I'm reading or...
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    Toshiba Portege Z835 - my impressions

    Keyboard seems to require my presses to be more spoton, eg left side of the space bar doesn't always register, or the shift key. Guess it's a thing that could go bad over time?
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    Samsung Galaxy S III v. Galaxy Nexus?

    My Droid Incredible gave up the ghost the day Best Buy put up the GNex for "free". I really wanted to go prepaid, even with the crappy coverage in my rural area, but, well, can't pass up "free" when I wouldn't be able to afford full price for a couple months (was saving up for the next Nexus)...
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    I'm sure there's an app for that, but what is it?

    FWIW, CM9 on my Droid Incredible has quiet hours. Maybe it's a CM9 thing.
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    Verizon Shared Plans = Massive Rate Increase?

    My wife and I both have wifi at home and at work, so we don't use 3G much. We were paying $180 for 1400m/no texts/unlimited data for 2 lines. Now we pay $150 for unlimited minutes/texts/4GB data, and it works out better because we were going over 1400m every few months so would have to pay...
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    Which provider has the best coverage?

    Corporate or third party?
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    This is why I love android

    I'm running a CM9 kang on my Droid Incredible that I've had since release. It's pretty awesome! It's also making it way easier to hold out for the next generation of Nexus phones. I may buy an unlocked GNex and give Straight Talk a try to tide me over, but the performance on the DInc just...