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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    you got the 1 they probably had in stock lol
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    MSI has prebuilt systems - RTX 3060 and i7-10700 for $1,650 free shipping

    Luckily I got 4 3070 prebuilt comps with better specs and 240mm aios for $1550 a few months back, sold the towers for $850 average sans the cards, better than getting scalped. Seems like they're all increasing their pricing.
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    EVGA SuperNova 550W PSU | 80 Plus Gold | Fully Modular | $119.99 $64.99 at Amazon (save $55)

    just stick with the 80% rule on sustained max loads.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I've been buying pre-builts and selling the complete towers sans the video cards. Still netting around MSRP to $100 over on the cards (3070 or 3060ti) but still better than paying a GD scalper $1400 for a 3070 lol. Have done this 5 times now.... I get my card at an acceptable price and someone...
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    Dead: evga double 50 LTT sale

    Thanks! Just ordered 4, cough, lol.
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    Who is mining with 3XXX or cards?

    sure, ill post something up this weekend!
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    Who is mining with 3XXX or cards?

    I got a couple MSI 3070 Ventus cards, a zotac gaming 3070, two Gigabyte OC Gaming 3070 (these suck, need to do a bunch of thermal pad swaps on them to get decent AND they are most stable if you switch the OC switch off on the board, then do your tunings in software) and a few 3060ti's on the way...
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    EVGA CLC 120 $69.99, CLC 240 $69.99, CLC 360 $119.99, CLC 280 $139.99 + free shipping

    that 240 went quick...... checked again and had stock, grabbed 2, thanks!
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    MasterLiquid ML240L V2 RGB Liquid Cooling System $64.99

    You'll want a 280mm or 360mm aio for that. 240 didn't do too well with my 3900x.
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    [Dead]SeaSonic Focus: 850w Platinum - $159.99 / Gold for $139.99

    Might grab this though I don't need it yet. I only run seansonic in my personal stuff, have an 850W PRIME in my main rig, couple 550W focus Golds and a couple 750W Focus Golds. Don't cheap on the power supply!
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    Crucial MX500 1TB $84.99

    raised a little to $89.99.....
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    Rosewill HIVE 1000w Modular PSU $100 shipped

    BRONZE rated too.... :(
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    Crucial MX500 1TB $84.99 @ Amazon

    yea i saw that bs too.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 for $26.69

    some people are cheap af and some aren't, who cares.