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    Thinking about purchasing an Alienware

    If you're looking for good prices,component selection,and quality workmanship,check out Max Force PC. They did a great job on my system,including overclocking,and their systems all come with a 3 year warranty.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    I have to get lucky sometime.
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    Any negative experiences w/ Mforce?

    It has to say something that they continue to get positive word of mouth despite certain limitations here.Bigger,more established companies sometimes get lax and start to slip once they're successful.
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    My AVADirect Experience

    Actually,these points bring up some of the red flags that concerned me with AVA lately.With the warranty,it's supposed to be 3 years without an extension,but in practice it seems it's very limited.More than one of their competitors,including some who offer the same kind of pricing,have chimed in...
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    DNA Solves Phantom Serial Killer Mystery

    Just goes to show technology is only as good as the people using it.How many other clues were missed because the police depended too much on the DNA and not enough on the basics?
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    Alienware Laying Off Employees

    I don't think most people attracted to them were thinking about build quality,they just wanted something flashy looking they could show off.I think they see it more as a status symbol.
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    Alienware Laying Off Employees

    They really weren't that great before Dell took over,and things went downhill from there.All they really had going for them were those flashy cases.People turn to boutique builders to get away from the low quality cookie cutter systems and poor support you get from mass producers like Dell,the...
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    My AVADirect Experience

    It is amazing that they seem so cavalier about the reputation they're getting here.Even when they do respond to a negative post,they just seem to dig a deeper hole for themselves.Can you think of any place with more potential customers for their product?God knows how many sales they've lost,not...
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    My AVADirect Experience

    I'll second the Mforce recommendation,I don't think you'll find a better combination of low prices,good support,and a wide choice of quality components that Max offers.Maingear has a solid reputation here,their prices are a bit higher though,and their component selection was a little too...
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    My AVADirect Experience

    There are some who either lack the expertise,time,or patience to deal with building their own.One look in the forums shows there's a myriad of problems that can arise,and dealing with manufacturers can be a pain if a part turns out to be defective.Some people find it convenient to let a builder...
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    My AVADirect Experience

    There's been some question lately about the validity of some of their reviews at RR.And if you throw in the ratings for their side companies,they drop even more.Given the cost of a high end system these days,I certainly wouldn't want to gamble my money on random luck.Especially since their...
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    Extreme Sheep LED Art

    Good one! :D The "sheep pong" was hilarious.What's next,Pac-Sheep?
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    Wii Gamers Vulnerable To Crime

    This guy should not be in law enforcement.He's either grandstanding to further his career,or cooked up this ridiculous theory to justify his job.This kind of armchair psychology is dangerous,it promotes stereotypes that have no basis in fact,and fosters an atmosphere of fear and mistrust solely...
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    My AVADirect Experience

    Some refund,how can they charge a $400 restocking fee for a system supposedly under warranty that's clearly defective? If that's not fraud,I don't know what is.AVA has officially degenerated into another Monarch.