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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    I'd be careful about taking the victory lap quite yet. Especially when you use as a source anything from wccftech. In fact I'd be ashamed to ever link anything from that trash site.
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    Moving from i9900k to 5900x (or 5950x) first AMD build since Phenom ii !

    I mean if we're honest this entire upgrade is completely unnecessary. OP will get very small benefits unless he has work-related apps that can utilize the extra cores. His 9900K set up should be great for gaming for the next 3 years or so since the new consoles are also 8 cores. Just to be...
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    Navi 21 XT to clock up to 2.4GHz

    If they're reasonably close expect the botting dbags to be all over it and scalping as many as possible.
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    Sony LISTENS to Voice Chats to Scan for 'TOXICITY' in Latest PS4 Update?!

    They might be the cure in your view, but they are simply not offered anymore and would be kinda useless on MOBA games for example. I agree that I don't care for season passes or microtransactions, I typically don't support them. But they aren't really related to trying to punish users for poor...
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    Sony LISTENS to Voice Chats to Scan for 'TOXICITY' in Latest PS4 Update?!

    Just play my list of approved games that I think are good guys and there won't be any toxic assholes, got it. Also guys I too loved dedicated servers but lots of games simply don't have them anymore so not sure why we're even discussing that as if it's an option.
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    Sony LISTENS to Voice Chats to Scan for 'TOXICITY' in Latest PS4 Update?!

    Yes it is their problem. Many people have stopped playing their games because of their ineffective or poor response to users' reports. Overwatch is a good example. I myself was one of them.
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    Sony LISTENS to Voice Chats to Scan for 'TOXICITY' in Latest PS4 Update?!

    I get where you're coming from but we need these companies to take out the trash, they really are failing to do so. Having to mute these clowns hasn't fixed or helped at all in my experience.
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    ASUS RMA process is the worst.

    Sorry to hear that. I've been warning people about their terrible service for a while now. Sadly they don't seem to have fixed it. FYI to anyone RMA'ing to any manufacturer: don't send anything other than the item you need repaired because chances are high you won't get any of them back.
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    If Navi matches 3080 in Raster performance but not Ray Tracing... will we care?

    Same for me. Have had a RTX card for a while now and just not bothered to play any RTX titles. I'll get around to it once I buy Control probably.
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE to RTX 3090 FE - My Exp (Some Benches and $$$ Numbers)

    Cool, now we need someone to do the 3080.
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    4690k capped after RAM upgrade?

    Are you using 3x memory sticks now, or 4? Definitely always stay at the higher voltage though, maybe try the timings on the other sticks. Also take out the memory you added and see if it goes back to working correctly again.
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    4690k capped after RAM upgrade?

    The amount of memory sticks you have should have no effect on CPU OCing. Just run those memory sticks @ 1.65V. Make sure bios is up to date and maybe needs a reset.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Well you gotta also take into consideration the demand for the 3070 will be even higher than the 3080. So, expect another "totally unbelievable" amount of demand for these cards. And the usual botter/scalper scumbags of course.
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    Has your G-Sync display locked you into the Nvidia EcoSystem?

    I've been nvidia only since around when they first released gsync. It was one of the best early adopter techs I've ever bought. Sadly that display is seemingly on its way out so I'm open to anything right now, waiting to see what AMD releases and decide which display to buy.
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    Is Samsung 980 PRO actually faster than other SSDs in real world?

    I hope not. It's time to leave behind the mech drive holdovers. The new console market is much larger (will be soon at least) and they might just have to make an SSD the min requirement.